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My cat needs help

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Check it out. I moved into a new place several days ago, they have 3 cats. My cat and me moved in and after a day or so my cat was getting along with there’s better than any other time she has met other animals. But after about a day or so cat "poop" showed up in 5 different rooms of the house. There is no way my cat "pooped" 5 times in one night, it was several of them. Several people have told me it is just them marking there territory, but the person in charge here insists that cats only mark there territory with cat "pee" not cat "poop". So there solution was we isolate my cat in my room and see if the problem goes away, and if not isolate another cat and ect. until the problem goes away.

With my cat in my room it goes back to normal, so of course the problem will go away. I need help, my cat is being persecuted. Does it sound like they are just making there territory? how long does that last? What can I do? My cat cant just live in my room, she hates it. I need some expert opinion to use in my cats defense.
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Cats WILL poop inappropriately to make a statement if they want to and, if anything, it's unlikely your cat (being the newcomer) would be the pooper. The others are far more likely to be doing it. But if I were you, I'd find somewhere else to live, because there inevitably will be problems with so many cats, and yours being the new one will get blamed. Get the vet's office to write them a note, if necessary, confirming that it's quite possibly the other cats causing the trouble.
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Are the cats sharing the same litterbox?
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew
Are the cats sharing the same litterbox?
1. Most likely, it is the previous cat(s) using the poop to mark territory/make a statement.
2. Most cats prefer 2 litterboxes, and the boxes need to be spaced about the residence so that any bullish cats don't do the "Ambush at the Litterbox" routine. Ditto for food & water
3. You might read the posts here about introducing a new cat & keep your cat put up & reintroduce more slowly. It will take a few more days, but give the previous cats a chance to adjust to what one of them is interpreting as an intruder.
Please keep us posted on how it's going! I wish you & your cat peace & happiness in your new home! Susan
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The 3 existing cats have 3 litter boxes all next to each other downstairs, my cat had her own food and water in my bedroom upstairs. But the alpha male was seen several times eating my cats food and useing her litter. Its been 2 days of my cat living in my room, she hates it. But the pooping problem went away. One of the 3 cats is leaving, but its the newest shyest one. Thanks for all the advice guys.

EDIT: one more question: If the other cats are doing the pooping to make a statement, how long will that issue usually last?
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