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Baby Deer

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Where we are living we see alot of the friendly woodland animals....deer, foxes, squirrels, chipmunks, skunks...ect.

Well one of the moments we found a fawn hardly able to walk up under the front porch (I guess mommy leaves for a bit and then comes back cause she did eventually come for her baby).

Somewhere and occassionally we see them is a doe with twin fawns.

Here is the picture of the fawn (I apologize if this isn't the right forum).

And here is one of the many does out here.

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what a cutie! I love deer, they are so cute!
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We have a huge buck that hangs out behind our house. I've never seen a fawn that close. How wonderful!
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That is so cute!
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Yesterday about 10:30 or 11:00 am while sitting in our living room we saw a doe with 2 fawns on the hill right outside our window. We watched them for a long time. I love watching the wildlife!! We also have a doe that sleeps in the tall grass between Lee's parents house and ours!
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Yesterday we went down the Mt to take the kids for a drive and to the park....on the way down we saw a 2 doe, 5 fawns (one set of 2 and one set of 3).

On the way back up we saw a young buck.

And last night.....we had a visitation from a large black bear.
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Around my house there seems to be this one Doe that has twins every year - and every year I am still amazed!!!
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How very very sweet!!
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Wow how adorible. It must be nice to have such amazing neighbors

I live right in the middle of a neighbor hood the only woodland creature I see are skunks and racoons on garbage night >.< But not far from where I live is a small forest but there are bunch of dear that live in there.
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I wish I lived somewhere where i could see all sorts of animals running around!
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We have a very small patch of woods behind our house, a huge yard, and we have counted up to 5 deer at once out there. A doe and her fawn were coming around and playing in the yard for several days, then mama caught me trying to sneak around and take pics. I thought she was going to chase me, but she ran off into the woods with her baby. The roads they have beeen building nearby have encroached on their living space, and is about to get worse. I wish I could find some wildlife agency to come relocate them before they get into the road. It has become very busy, and going to get worse. We also have a bunch of bunnies, foxes, racoons, and who knows what else living out there. The cats love to watch them out the window.
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