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2 crazy kittens!!! Help

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Help!! Scout and Socks are brother and sister and are 9 weeks old. We just got them about 4 days ago. They play kind of rough together, but afterwards they wash and love on each other, so I think that part is okay, although sometimes Scout (the bro) stands over Socks (sister) and bites her neck, but we squirt him with a spray bottle and he stops. The problem is this----just last night they started acting CRAZY! Running all over the rooms, stalking each other, being very very vocal! It went on for about 2 hours! They were constantly jumping over me in the bed, then would pounce on my toes under the covers...etc. Then they started stalking my husband and I while we were in the bed!!!! They kept pouncing on us (including our faces!) The last resort was to put them in a pet taxi in our bedroom. I hate to do this, but they calmed down and didn't cry or whine. I woke up about 4 hours later and went to let them out, and they started doing the exact same thing, so I put them back! I hope this isn't a sign that our kittens disapprove of us! There are 2 things that were different this night that may have contributed to this crazy behavior 1) They were introduced to the rest of the house today and played quite a bit, we have no kids or other pets 2) We got some new toys and all of them had catnip

Any response would be great, we love our new kids, but they are crazy!!!!
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Hi kmark.

I think you'll find this is normal kitty behaviour. Your kittens are excited, as any kids would be with having addiitonal space to play in - having been introduced to the rest of the house . . .

My 2 persians are 4 and 5 years old, and they still have bouts of madness, agression and energy dispersing followed by frantic making-up and washing each other.

Keep an eye on them though, and if this persists (which it shouldn't do beyond a couple of days) get them checked out.

BTW - have they been flead and wormed - as this restlessness may be borne out of discomfort?

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I would not give the kittens cat-nip! It may be some of your problem. Have a good old rough and tumble play time before bed and that should settle them down. Do not use your hands to do this - use a feather toy or another type of toy. They will play hard and rough with each other at times, and as long as nooone gets hurt - this is normal kitty behavior!
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My kitten is 15 weeks old and does all of what you said your two kittens does. Its just kitten behaviors. The action of biting the neck is mimicking how a mother cat bites the kitten's neck to tell them to hold still I want to care for you. My little kitten does that to my older cat when she wants to lick her even though the older cat isn't even moving.
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He is also letting his sister know that he is Alpha cat in the house. She will probably be pulling away from him after he does this and rolling on her stomach at him, a sign that she accepts this position and is submissive to it. It is normal kitty behaviour so welcome to Kittydom!
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