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worried about viral conjunctivitus

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When I adopted my cat, (I'm calling him Bob, so far), he had been scratched by another cat just before he was picked up (my mom got him from an animal rescue, and his left eye has been irritated ever since. He seems to be able to hold it open when very excited about something... or if I'm near him, they're open wider, and when i'm far, only his right (noninfected) eye remains open. I hadn't noticed pinkness, because i haven't just wanted to grab his face and look. He just warmed up in the past week or so... (have had him for 2 wks), so I didn't want to push it, i guess.

Took him to the yesterday, and supposedly he has a form of the herpes virus, with symptoms producing conjunctivitus. He is not sneezing (may have heard it once, which I always thought was normal) Doesn't seem to have a respiratory problem... nor is he at a loss of apetite- in fact, he's quite the opposite. He eats a lot... Lately though, I've noticed he doesn't eat as much, but I think that's because I let him try a different (moist, had gravy) cat food, for two days. Just one can overtop his dry food. This noticably upset his stomach. He kind of had diareah, nor horrible..

The vet prescribed eyedrops with steroid properties (anti-inflamatory), and antibacterial properties to clear up any bacterial infection that might develop.... I've been having difficulty administering the drops because he squirms. He did well at the vet, and last night it was *easy enough. Today, though- he wasn't having it. I was about to my last nerve with him, and was afraid I was traumatizing him, so I gave up.... and decided to look around the net for info. I came to this article.


^ that link has some information that conflicts, IMObservation, with what is most commonly found to be true about the disease and methods of treatment.

Anyone heard of this, can validate either way? I will try to get a picture up here ASAP but I only own a camera phone. Might borrow a digital, though.

His eye doesn't look THAT bad, all the time.. but I just feel so bad for him when he has it shut... and the other is wide open. I would hate to have to do that all the time, must be very irritating.
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I can't speak to all of what is mentioned there, but my feline specialist did tell me to avoid all steroids throughout the life of any cat who has herpesvirus.
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