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Mother likes to relocate kittens....why?

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As the subject says, our Cat (Mocha) had kitten about a month ago, and has the odd habit of moving the kittens out of the basement into our bedroom. Any insight into what might be motiving this?

(Mocha is a "common" house cat, with a small bit of siamese-look to her)

Thanks for all your assistance (in advance)
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The only reason I know of a mother cat to move her kittens is that she does not feel safe. She will move the to where she thinks they are safe. If I am wrong please someone correct me. this is the only reason I have ever been told why they do this.
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Is there a reason why she can't stay in the bedroom? If there is, then you need to confine her to one room and make sure she can't get out, but you also need to give her a quiet dark place where she can feel safe. It is only recently that the latest arrival here McKenzie has moved her kits out of the cupboard/closet where they were born and out to the middle of the room. But our entire upstairs has been converted to a cat room of sorts and she has the prowl of all the second landing and a screened door is at the bottom of the stairs keeping her and the kits safe from harm. But I made it her choice, not mine and she has only roughly moved the kittens once when I had to do a major clean upstairs and it upset her so. She really hurt the youngest one in her panic to move them out of the way, but MacBethie recovered and all is well.
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Hi Mocha,

Just leaving some information for you. You may want to let your owners in on a little secret ... there are low-cost spay/neuter clinics in just about every city in this country - so why not ask your vet if he can refer you to one. In many cases, they will spay for as little as $35! If things are really tight, there are other avenues as well, so tell your owners to email me if they want more info, OK?

You'll be a happier, healthier cat in the long run, my sweet.

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Mocha - I'm with Gayef on this one! Best of wishes to you and your human family!
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You don't say where you are located, but as Gayef has already said, there are special places where your kitty can get spayed for a lot less than $200.00 In my area, the most expensive spay is $90.00 so $200.00 is a bit extreme. You can contact local animal shelters or your vet for low-cost spay and neuter clinics. I know of such a place from me where they only charge $10.00 for neuters and $20.00 for spays. You have to call and there is a bit of wait, but it is well worth it in the long run.

Your cat will live longer and she won't be driving you to distraction everytime she goes into heat. You also won't have the Toms in the neighborhood sniffing and spraying at your door. I hope you take the time to research this and not go with the first quote you were given about how much it will cost you.
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