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its all about love...

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I know alot of you dont follow my Jasmine Louise thread and when I posted this photo of her in there someone suggested I post it here as well so more of you could see it.
Its not the best photo technically as I didnt have time to get the camera settings right but its priceless nonetheless

Tipsy giving Jasmine a kiss
Tipsy adores Jasmine and Jasmine adores Tipsy

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Awwww Danielle, that is the most adorable photo of Jasmine and Tipsy. It's just too precious for words. I bet you just melted when you saw that.
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That picture made my day!!! How sweet is that?
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Oh goodness! How sweet!! Very priceless!
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that's too sweet!
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I love it!!!! And i'm so pleased you had the camera handy
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How cute!!
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Is Jasmine ever without a smile on her precious face? I love that picture!!
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You forgot the cuteness warning!
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That is so adorable!!
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Aw Danielle! That's so adorable!
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What a precious pictures. Thanks for sharing it.
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Oh that is precious...your baby is a doll!!!
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How sweet!

And how sweet of you to get a baby for your cats!
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Oh, it was me who suggested posting it here!
(Ouch, I sprained something patting myself on the back...)
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That is a sweet picture A lot of the cats don't trust those little ones to much, I think becsue they are fast moving When my Grandson was small he liked the cats alot still does, but I had a black Cat that wasn't to fond of him as a toddler. The cat was in a Bar stool at the end of the bar, and Ryan went over there and Garby hissed at his real loud, and he was just shocked, looked at me and said "what did he say" and started to cry It was so funny I will never forget the look on Ryan's face
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Originally Posted by halfpint
A lot of the cats don't trust those little ones to much, I think becsue they are fast moving
I think it's all about "the young of the species". Every critter understands that the young of the species is fast, agile, unpredictable, and do not know their own strength. When the species in question has young that are larger than you as an adult, that makes you very cautious, if you are smart.
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So has she started pulling Tipsys and Cedars tails yet?
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That is so adorable, baby J is beautiful just like her mommy.

I think someone made a sig with that pic.
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awwww adorable!!!
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