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been awhile! since march

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We are all settled in in the new place..... short version I received a 30 day notice to vacate! After 12+ years and with 4 kittys. Extremely unexpected!! The new place is wonderful and we have a little yard which is now capped and kitty escape proof. Thanks to my Linx showing me all the ways to get out! Pandia my most recent rescue is doing so well. She gets along with the others quite well. With me, she is just now starting to trust, I am actually allowed to give her belly rubs and pick her up but just for a bit. She came a laid next to me on the sofa and stayed around 20 minutes or so. Kittys do teach me patience. So hello again to all the oldies and welcome to all the new comers! The Incredible Four send purrs!
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The Incredible Four are darling!
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The unexpected move must have been quite a surprise!!! Sounds like things are going well for the cats though!!
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It's so good to hear from you!! Glad to hear that all is well.
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Welcome back to TCS! So glad to hear everything went so well for you and your kitties!
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I'm pretty new here (joined in April) so I didn't know you before you left....so I'll say welcome back and look forward to getting to know you. Glad the move went well (those can be quite stressful)
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