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Is it True?

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Okay, so many people, when I tell them that I have a cat and he sleeps with me, tell me the same thing. This are all hispanics. They tell me that a cat can kill me because his hair can go in my lungs. That is why some people have asthma and other problems. They often tell me that a cat is dirty so it is not good to have around the house, especiall with young children. Its the same thing, the hair! It is very frustrating when I tell them that they are wrong. They need to speak to an american doctor who knows more about these things. I tell these people that many people,including pregnant women, have many cats and there is nothing wrong with them!
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If that were true I would of been dead years ago. My cats sleep on my chest, around my head and between both of us. It is an old wive's tale Nena, it was believed a long time ago that a cat sitting on a sleeping baby had the capability of stealing the infant's breath and killing the child. Somehow this ludicrosy survives to this day, and I have even seen to do lists for the baby to be that included, getting rid of the family cat.

nena here is a linkSuperstitions
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Nena, I have asthma, and I had pneumonia in December. I had been in the house 95 percent of the time, and wouldn't go near anyone with a cold, or even allow them into the house. I explained how careful I had been to the doctors, and said the closest I had come to infection was my cat sneezing in my face the week before. He laughed and told me I was far more likely to have infected the cat than vice versa!
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Cats are in no way 'unhygenic' to have around , BUT pregnant women should never clean litterboxes because there are health risks.
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I heard the thing about pregnant women not cleaning the litterbox, but I don't think anyone's cat is going to suffocate them just by sleeping on their head. :LOL:
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It's soo sad how ignorant people can be - hopefully what you tell them opens their eyes a bit.
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