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Our daily thread for Friday March 30

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Hello guys and gals!

How are you all doing? I am just sooooooooo tired. I've just played 4 games of Starcraft. That's a strategy computer game that we play in a group. We have 4 comps at home and we play as 2 teams fighting each other. Me and my brother-in-law were one team and hubby and a friend were the other. We beat them 3:1!!!!

We spent the morning doing some cleaning and tidying up and them went to sleep. It was so hot today - we're having a heat wave this weekend and I don't like it! We do live in a fully air conditioned house, but it should be too soon for that!

Hey! I see we have cause for celebration - we have more than 600 members here (604 right now)!!!

Hope you are all having fun this weekend. I will try very hard to spend more time here tomorow - we're having far too many guests every weekend - well, I guess we're too popular
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Hi Anne!

I beat you to the daily thread by about 12 minutes. It's raining like crazy here. They're predicting rain all weekend long. Fortunately I'll be inside at a cat show both days. But I hate getting wet.

Have a great weekend! Stay cool!

Ciao baby!

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I love that game Starcraft... very addicting!

It is pretty decent weather here in Portland, atleast it is not raining. Hope you have a blast at the cat show Donna you will have to fill us all in.

Everybody have a terrific weekend

Oh my gosh... I just realized I am an Adult Cat!! Whooppee

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Hi all,

I guess I will have to give the Starcraft thing a try. My son is addicted to it.

Our day started out rainy again. We had to cancel a field trip at school, so the kids were out of sorts.

The house deal is green and go. I am getting really excited. Ready to start moving my things already. (Mentally ready. I have not packed thing one yet). Can't wait to get my guys over there and introduce them to their new digs.

Happy Friday everyone!
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Holey cow do I feel rained out. It is STILL raining here in CT. At least I have the cat show to look forward to. I have the bag packed, the cats washed and everyone in the house got a nail clipping. Now I just need to make a sign for my little girl who is for sale.
I hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend!
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Wow....this is like Deja Voo....I just replied to the thread Donna started for today!
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Uh, in case you're new to the forums, Sandie's little girl is a munchkin kitten, not her 6 year old daughter, Kylee.

Thought I should clarify that one.

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