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Houseful of oldies

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As Sar adopted one of my foster kitties, I had to replace her, no point letting the cat room go to waste!!

So, on Saturday, I picked up Martha, a 10 year old who we took from the streets as we were told she was a pregnant stray!! She wasn't happy at the other fosterers, so she has come here as I have more room. she is up for rehoming.

Then we have PEbbles, 11. She is a permanent cat.

Tom, 12, a long term foster who I am hoping to find a home for soon.

Molly, 13, who is going to live her life out with me.

And Ginger, another permanent, who is 14 - but 15 in August

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What a beautiful houseful of oldies They are adorable - I hope those looking for a home find one really soon.
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What cute oldies!
Ginger is a beauty!
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cute! I've always liked orange and white cats!
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oldies but goodies! purrs to the beautiful seniors!
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They are all precious! Oldies, but goodies!!
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What beautiful senior kitties! Bless you for caring for these sweethearts, may they enjoy many more wonderful years.
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They are all beautiful! I LOVE the seniors myself as well.
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Awww...they're very sweet. Tigger says "cheers" for taking in seniors. She's 16 1/2.
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Aren't they just the sweeties oldies!.

Bless their little hearts It's so good to hear their nice and comfortable at their age
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Cheers everyone - I love oldies and can't understand why more people dont take them on. Martha plays like Tom - with the stick end of fishing rod toys!!! Silly cats!! She is seeming a bit more settled, still likes to hiss when you walk in, but only once and I still approach her and fuss her.
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What gorgeous kitties, especially for being older. I hope the others find forever homes. Older cats warm my heart... they seem to be so wise and easy-going (at least the ones I know).

Here's my mom's old kitty, Tabby. I got her when after my dad died... she's 14 now.

She's looking about two feet away from her at Sneaker's kittens here. She's so sweet and loving, but definitely a couch potato. She just had a lot of her teeth pulled because my mom didn't keep up on her care when I was in college and after I got married. We call her Gummy now!

Sorry to hijack the thread, I just didn't want to start my own thread with only one pic!

I think it's wonderful that you take in senior cats... not enough people do that.
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Aww, she is lovely. I adore tabbies, but keep getting black and whites!!! The last 4 fosters have been two black and whites and two pure blacks!! I think older cats are a lot easier to care for, the only prob is the worryign!!
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I don't understand why people don't adopt the older ones. It's want a cat, but you are young & may not be able to have a cat for 20 years, so why don't you adopt the 8 year old or older ones who won't be around near as long as that 8 week old kitten?

At least you care about them & foster them! I hate seeing the told old ones at the HS here....particularly since they are never going to get adopted....let's face it, they aren't exactly nice cats or even pretty....(compared to the orange tabbies & calicos)
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WEll, I picked up another oldie yesterday - someone had rang my old vets asking for a home visit for his cat to be pts. As he wasn't one of their customers, he got quizzed about it, esp to make sure he realised it was more expensive than a normal euthanasia. He ended up telling them that he wanted rid of her as she was destroying his furniture, so the receptionist got him to agree to rehoming the cat, and she contacted me. i obviously couldnt say no, even though it takes me back up to 6 and is a bit tricky logistically, as Martha hates other cats!! She is a lovely tabby, and the only thing he told me about her being rehomed (didn't ask as I Was told by the receptionist) was that she is trying him down - she is 13, and he has had her since being a kitten. I actually got very upset as she was crying all the way home, and her little world has been turned upside down. Hopefully she will find a good home soon, we do have someone wanting an adult cat, so hopefully they will consider one of the three oldies I have. So, here is Tiger

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That just makes my blood boil! How can someone have a cat for that long, then want to kill her for tearing up furniture?! She is better off with you than with someone like that. I feel so bad for her. I hope she gets a wonderful home where she can live out her years with someone that will love her more than their furniture.
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it did really upset me, esp as she was crying in her carrier (so i was also in tears when we got in the car). I hope she will find a good home - if not, she will end up being another long termer here -either way she is safe and will have a home for however long she has left - which looking at her, could be years, she is in good condition.
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Oh the poor thing! I just can't fathom why anyone would be able to do that?!

I'm so pleased that she's been able to come to you and bring some colour into your household!

She really does look healthy too!
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the oldies. We have 3 now, 2 from kittens Jaz (12), Jake (13) and Izzy (14)..

You do a wonderful job for those cats.
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I came home earlier, and gave Tiger a quick fuss, and she started purring and actually did give me a slight headbut when I went to move my hand, so she is settling down quite well.
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Originally Posted by booktigger View Post
I came home earlier, and gave Tiger a quick fuss, and she started purring and actually did give me a slight headbut when I went to move my hand, so she is settling down quite well.
She sounds like such a sweet thing. Poor angel, I'm glad you got her - and thank god for the vet receptionist's instincts!
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Awww, they are so precious! I really hope everyone who needs it finds a good permenant home. If not, I hope they remain happy with you, if it's possible for you.
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