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I'm so sorry he's losing the right eye. We battled with Flowerbelle, too. In the end, I really wish we'd had the eye removed sooner than we did, so I'm sure you're doing the right thing, taking the vet's advice. Her energy levels went up 1000% after we took that step. It was obviously a tough battle her body was fighting.

I hope little Zatoichi is doing well after surgery!


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I am only just seeing this thread now, what a sweet story and what a lucky little kitty your Zatoichi is to have found you.
Whatever happens with his sight, it is for the best, he will still live a full and happy life even if he can't see. It's delightful to hear the love in your words espescially since he probably wouldn't have made it had you not come across him that night I hope his operation goes well and the poor baby starts to feel better soon and enjoy his 'kittenhood' like every cat should.
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Hello Everyone,

Just a reminder: Zatoichi is having his operation tomorrow! The right eye is being removed.

Please keep him in your thoughts and wish us luck!

Many thanks to you all for all your support and for caring.

I will definitely keep you posted on how it goes!
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He'll be in my thoughts and prayers. Good luck little one!
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Zatoichi is definitely in my thoughts today. Hope everything goes well.
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I hope everything went well for the little guy! Sending lots of healthy vibes to him!
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Zatoichi's operation went well. They removed the eye and he'll probably be home tomorrow afternoon.

He purrs softly when I pick him up and wants to play even now!

They left the other eye alone and said so long as it doesn't deform, leak, become reddened etc. then it could stay. We all doubt he has any vision in that eye at all though.

He'll start getting his vaccinations after recovery and from there he'll be on his way to be a big strong cat.
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Sweet little kitten, glad to hear he'll be home with you tomorrow. Wishing him a speedy recovery.
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I just found this thread today. Zatoichi and Flowerbelle are such lucky kitties. They both found someone willing to help and care for them. It takes special people to do that.

I hope that Zatoichi continues to improve and that you can find a way to keep him at home with you.
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Great news about Zatoichis op.......and it sounds like he is getting stronger and healthier every day and purring awh, well he obviously s his mommy !!
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Hello All,

Zatoichi is back from the vet and is having his stitches removed next week. He's on antibiotics till then but seems to be doing very well. He plays and purrs just like before the operation

We have decided that he will be staying with my parents. We have our 14 year old family cat Punky there but he's less of a danger (however unintentional) to Zato than the dogs over at our place.

A slow introduction will take place once Zatoichi has fully recovered and is a little stronger. Punky isn't aggressive but he doesn't like other animals much since he has been the only pet in that house all his life. He gets a bit stressed but he calms down eventually.
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I'm SO glad the operation went well and that the little guy is in good spirits! He's going to feel so much better.

And also great news about his new home! With time, love, some extra attention for Punky, and perhaps some Feliway, I'm sure all will go well.

Tell your folks that with our most difficult kitty, even she is totally OK with new cats after six months. It takes her six weeks to stop hissing at, batting at or avoiding them, and then things calm down from there. And after six months - we often find her licking or sleeping with "new" cats.

BTW - did you ever "test" to see if Zato is deaf?

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We did test if he was deaf at home and at the vet and his hearing seems to be fine
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Oh that's excellent! Our first vet told us Flowerbelle wasn't deaf, lol! He clapped behind her, and she turned around. We figured later she felt the air or vibrations or something. On the other hand, he's the same vet that almost killed her.

But I'm glad Zato hears just fine!
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Hi guys, i just tripped over this forum through google. My boyfriend and his family adopted a 4 month old kitten last week who we named Cleopatra, and i finally got to meet her and spend time with her this weekend. We think that her mum was dumped pregnant or got pregnant in the wild and she was born blind. The vet said she'd never opened her eyelids, her eyes were shriveled and infected. When they went to see her they said she was waving her head from side to side (which she does a little now to listen for things) because she was in great pain. We were her last chance, she was going to get put to sleep because no one else wanted her =(

She got spayed and had her eyes removed in one operation and has been in her new home for 3 days. I was so worried about how i was going to cope, all of the cats i'd previousely had were all sighted (even though later in life we had to deal with illnesses) and i was freaking out about how to handle her, if she was in pain, making sure she didn't injure herself (yesterday she tried climbing on top of her foam house and it tipped over, thankfully she missed the litter tray). When i first saw her i bawled my eyes out, trying to get used to the two lines of stitches where her eyes were. But amazingly things have been more positive the last day or so.

Cleo LOVES to lick, claw and bite things all in one go. When she goes nuts on the doona all i have to do is lay down, put her on my chest and she goes to sleep. This is the first home and family she's had, so i now feel really proud and in love with her. Sorry for such a long post. It was really nice reading about all of your pets

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Oh that poor baby. All I can say is that she's lucky that you came into her life. Thanks for being such a wonderful and caring person.
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Thank you for rescuing her!

....even if she did climb up on her house and tip into the litterbox, she'd be just fine. One of the long time rescuers here had a cat (with sight) that loved to climb up a ladder and jump into the litterbox, lol! They got him a baby pool filled with litter so he could go nuts.

I'm glad your kitty's operation went well. Those sockets will heal up. It'll be weird looking at a kitty with no eyes, but she sure won't look like Frankenstein anymore!

The most important thing with a blind kitty is basically just to not move things around. They'll get confident and be almost like normal cats - save for jumping - once they know and trust their environment.

She sure looks happy! I'm so glad she's so loved now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello Dragoriana,

I know what you mean when you say Cleo likes to lick claw and bite things all in one go! Zatoichi is exactly the same. This is the first time I've had a blind cat as well. Another thing which strikes me is how Zatoichi's touch is so light. Naturally he feels everything new before he goes forward, as a blind person would and his paws touch everything everso gently! We call it the just checking paw.

Welcome to the forum!
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Hehe, hi TheSpring. Yes it is amazing how gentle they can be as well. As soon as i put Cleo on my tummy or chest she goes dopey lol. She LOVES being touched. I couldn't imagine being blind and out in the wild as a kitty, you would crave everything after that.
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