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Los Angeles/Southern California members

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Would anyone from the LA, Orange County, San Bernardino area like to have a get together, lunch? After seeing the cool pictures of the UK meet up and well as the other meet ups, I think it would be great if those of us in the LA area got together.
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There isn't one person from Southern California that wants to get together? I know there are a few of us on here. I'm not the only person for the LA area. I think it would be so nice to get together with some of you.
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Sorry, I'm NorCal!
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That would be nice if I lived in southern CA. I'm in central CA.
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Hope that would be Great !!!! Can we wait till the hot weather goes somewhere else I mean this is the hottest I have seen it so early in Summer. Where are you in LA? I am in San Bernardino County close to Route 66... I think it would be nice to meet up, I have no idea how many TCSers are close... Have a Great Day
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I'm out of the district, up in the Eastern Sierra, but I drive to San Diego sometimes. I may be going to pick up my grandson this weekend, for his summer vacation. If you PM me, I can give you my e-mail address & I can go down either the 5 or the 215/15 if I can make it to a meet-up! Yes, it is hot down there, but I will rent a car so will have AC. I'm more familiar with Orange County (my sis lived in Aliso Viejo, then San Clemente; my oldest daughter is in San Juan); my uncle is in Temecula; my aunts are in San Bernadino County.
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I am up for it. I live in Redlands. Let me know when. I work all week and then with Nutro most weekend days but I can work things out.

Dozen2luv (Regina)
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Sounds good Hope maybe there will be a few more, I was thinking maybe early fall when the weather is nicer...Its just to dang hot durning the summer...How's it sound to you?
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Yeah it would be cool if we waited until it cooled down. This is the hottest summer I can remember in ages. I live in the Hollywood area, by the way.
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Well I'm probably hotter then you I am sick to death of it already and it's just starting more then likely
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If you're inland than I KNOW you're hotter than I am. Luckily we get the ocean breezes that cool us off, but it's still supposed to by about a 100 this weekend. I'm glad I don't have to sleep during the day in that heat.
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Thank God for Air, plus I have 3 ceiling fans and 3 tower fans, but I feel useless no movitation in this heat, sure dont want to go anywhere... We moved here from San Diego over 5 years ago when My hubby retired from the navy,,, No jobs in SD, he drove to Glendale the first 4 years now he works at Loma Linda Medical University, right down the road...
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Just wishing the best of all lucks for this meeting!!!!...

God! I really wish to live near of you!

keep us up-dated about it!!!
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Yeah, I can understand not wanting to go anywhere in the heat. I hate even the thought of getting into that HOT car in the heat. Right now, in LA, it's pretty comfortable. I've got fans going, and I am not hot at all. But I still wouldn't want to go out and get in that oven of a car. I have to park it in direct sunlight, with no shading or trees. I try to do all of my shopping and things in the morning before 10am and after dark. I can't wait until Summer is over.
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We've been without AC here at work for a month. Thankfully they're banging around above me right now trying to fix it.

I live in the Hollywood area too by the way. Hope and I chatted earlier and it turns out we only live like a few blocks away! What a small world, huh?
Anyway, I'm up for a meetup when it gets cooler or whenever.
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