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Stumpy's outside adventures!

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We went for our third outing outside yesterday. My husband held the leash while I snapped some photos. You can see how comfortable she is already!

Look Dad - it's a BIRD!!!!!

Jungle cat

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So cute! I'm so jealous of people whose cats do well on leashes. I tried leash training with Oliver when he was little, and he didn't mind the leash but did NOT like being outside. He'd look up at the sky and freak out, since he was used to always seeing the ceiling!

I'm sure Emma would enjoy being outside, but I think if I tried to get a leash and harness on her I might lose a limb in the process!!
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She is doing beautifully. How's your husband doing with it? He has a look like, "I'm not sure I'm doing this - walking a cat"
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I always love to see photos of stumpy your garden looks a lovely area to play !
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I really think I want to train Anya on a leash before she gets too set in her ways.

Genevieve is SOOO adorable. She reminds me of me first cat, who's mother was a Manx. Cody (my cat) turned out tailless and solid dark grey. He was such a beautiful cat.

Good luck with your future outings! And I have to agree that your husband does have the look of, "Hurry up and take the picture...I sure hope the neighbors don't see me doing this..."
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Being young definitely helped her I think. She's also just such an adaptable cat. She's adapted fine to moving the litter box, new sort of litter, different food, learnt to scratch a scratcher rather than the couch within days... I think we just got lucky!

We tried putting a harness on our Siamese years and years ago when she was young - the breeder told us they liked going for walks, but she just froze in one spot and refused to move

And my husband actually thinks it's really cool! It didn't take him long to realise she was walking him rather than the other way around, but in saying that, when we decided to go back inside, we walked back toward our door and she trotted after us happily, and went straight inside the house without any fuss!
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I made you a signature on The Siggy Shower thread, and asked you if Genevieve is a Manx cat. Is she, or was she just born without a tail. She's really lovely.
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That is so cute! It really looks like she's enjoying it!
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Thanks guys! I messaged you as well Hope - Genevieve lost her tail after a car accident nearly 2 months ago. She suffered a broken pelvis and a broken tail which had to be amputated. She's recovered so well though

Her little stump is adorable... It wiggles when you pat her, or when she's stalking something
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lovin it! she is, what a beauty!
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What a lovely cat! I agree with you, her stump is so cute!!!
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My goodness!, comfortable is an understatement.

Genevieve your gorgeous!!
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