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"self-groomer"--anyone tried?

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The other day I saw a product in the store called a "self-groomer." Basically it's a cat brush you screw down low on the corner of a wall, and theoretically the cat rubs up against it, thus brushing him or herself. Nathan Cat HATES to be brushed, so I was wondering if it might be worth trying. It's not too expensive, but I would hate to go screwing the thing to my wall if it's just going to be a dust collector. And I'm not sure what would make Nathan decide to rub up against it anyway, and if he does, I can't imagine he would be rubbing his whole body on it--most likely it would just be his face/neck area. But maybe I'm wrong. Has anyone ever tried one of these things?
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It might brush (and I use the term loosely here) the outside areas of a cat, but what about their tail, around the ruff, the underarms, the breeching, i.e. places where mats tend to form?

It is (IMO) a novelty item. Fun, but don't depend on it to do any real work.
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My Molly was obsessed with getting brushed, and rubbing up against things. We bought one of them and attached it to the leg of a workbench in the basement. She loved it. It was really just for her enjoyment, and isn't to be used in the place of brushing.
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I thought it probably fell in the category of "too good to be true" but I figured I'd ask anyway. Thanks!
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I had a similar idea as my cat also loves to rub against things.

I bought a free-standing 'groomer' it was shaped like an arc (with a mouse-shaped mat) - so the cat could rub on the sides / underneath / on top. Of course, she has never once touched it and I've given up luring her towards it...

Maybe try this free standing one before fixing anything to walls?
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We tried the one attached to a corner of the wall in the hopes that Trent might like it. Never touched it. Thank goodness it wasn't very expensive!
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I would think it would be just a novelty item. I sure wouldn't count on it being a replacement to grooming your cat. I love the time that I spend with my cats when I brush them. They sit next to me or lay on my lap and I brush them and they purr. It's part of our time together and we all enjoy it.
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Ours must have been up for six months before the kitties figured it out, but once they did, they used it all the time, loved it so much they tore it right off the wall from constant rubbing. I used the sticky pads to mount it .. may I suggest screws
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