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I have been feeding our kitten Eukanuba. I had been told that Iams is not the quality it used to be. Now Eukanuba is made by Iams. Does this maen the quality of this food is not as good as before? Has anyone heard this about Iams?

Also I have noticed the kittens poop really stinks when we use the Eukanuba. She also goes more often. Any thoughts on this?

Should I change her food to Science Diet or Pro Plan?

I forgot to say we are using dry food for her.

Thanks so much for any input!
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Iams and Eukanuba have been made by the same company for years. I will say thay at the clinic we used to use Iams kitten food for the kittens we had but this year all the kittens have been having diarrhea non stop so we changed their food to Science diet kitten and it has cleared up. Maybe they changed their formula?

Eukanuba is a rich food and it may be that it is too rich for your kitten. You can try switching her food to a different brand but do it slowly. If you do change her diet suddenly it can cause stomach upsets.

When Xavier was a kitten we fed him the most expensive brand we could find assuming that the more you paid the higher quality the food was. He had diarrhea all the time and it didn't stop until we switched his food to another brand.

Personally I like Wellness brand cat food. My cats have been on it for a couple months and I've seen less stool, they eat less of it and their coats have never looked as good as they do now. Wellness makes a kitten formula as well.
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BadHabit, I did not mean that Iams is now making Eukanuba. I ment that a different way but I guess it did not come out right. I know that the company has been the same for years. Sorry for the confusion!

Our kitten does not have diarrhea. She has a soft to hard stool but not to hard. You think the food is to rich for her.? Is that why she is having smelly stool?

I have never heard of Wellness. Can I buy that at Petsmart? This is where we buy her food now. I bought Pro Plan for our dogs and I almost bought it for her. The breeder was feeding her Iams. Our kitten did not seem to have trouble with the food change. I know you have to do it slow. The breeder was also giving her 9 lives in a can so I gave her that when I brought her home. I had it in the house for our outside cats. I just bought a big bag of the Eukanuba kitten food for her. I guess if things do not change I will change the food again when the bag gets half empty. I hate to change food again! Have you also heard of the change in the Iams company?

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I thought you meant Eukanuba is NOW being made by Iams...

Have your kitten been wormed recently or checked for worms? If not then it would be best to drop a sample off to your vet because worms can cause a soft stool and often a smelly one.

If she's negative for worms then you can try and switch her food to another brand and see if that makes a difference.
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Thank you so much. I think she may have been checked for worms but it would not hurt to check again. I will have that done and go from there.
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but I also noticed the smell. For those of you who do not experience this, it is the kind of smell that makes you look under the chair you are sitting in to see if kitty has been bad right under it.
After I had two cats, I had to switch foods because I could NOT make the smell go away near the litter box.
I switched to Science Diet, and the smell was gone within a week. Really remarkable results.
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We were feeding the bengals Eukanuba kitten food and never noticed a smell. I finally switched over when Scooter was close to a year old..... It got to be too expensive for us. Now, I can buy a 20 lb. bag of Iams for the same price as Eukanuba, and feed 5 cats.
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I think another source for a cat/kitten's upset stomach is constantly changing their food. Nine Lives doesnt seem like a very good brand for a breeder to be using. I would definitely switch to a higher quality brand. When raising our 4 kittens we fed them Science Diet kitten food, dry, all the time and they still eat Science Diet now. If you're unsure of whether your kitten has been checked for worms (did the breeder not tell you?) then I would take your kitty to a vet. Worm infestation can cause multiple different bowel problems if not treated and it's imperative that all kittens be treated for this at their first Vet check up.

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catsaplenty, I was not sure if the vet checked her for worms. He did nothing. We had her checked again and nothing. As for the breeder telling me. Yes she said she did not have her wormed. Also she has been off the 9 lives for sometime now. She was also feeding her Iams. Not just 9 lives. The kittens stool is now hard like it should be. Also I do not change her food all the time. I was just asking if I should be feeding her a better food. I was not sure if Eukanuba was good because of what I had been told about Iams. I would need to change her food again only if the quality of the food is not good. I want the best for her!
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Well, even though Eukanuba is a top brand diet, if it doens't work with your cat than yes, by all means change to something else.
Have you thought about Innova?

How long has she had this problem for? Sometimes cats get diahrea just from switching foods to quickly, or it just plan ol' doesn't agree with them. If its been a month and your still having problems then switch, typically any problems with a new food should be cleared up by the end of the first week.

Iams, I think a couple years ago changed their formula, its not as high grade as it used to be, or they changed suttle ingredients. I will not use any Iams products period, because they do animal testing.

There are many other excellent (if not better) brands of cat found out there besides whats in the Iams/Science Diet circle.
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Also noticed the smell. Have noticed it with others. Currently using ProPlan and it's now gone. I also noticed that anything other than chicken and turkey flavors in the foods will give you that lingering smell. I try not to feed the fish and beef flavored cat foods.
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I would never feed my cats anything made by IAMS. They tortured so many animals when they did their studies. I feed my cats Nutro Max. Nutro contains no by-products so it is alot better than Eukanuba or IAMS. Innova and Felidae are both great foods from what I've heard with Innova being the best food. Another one is Authority, you can buy it at PetsMart and it is very inexpensive. My cat Peppurr was losing his fur badly, he was eating Whiskas, we switched him to Nutro Max and all his fur is coming back. All my cats have smooth, glossy fur, stink free poop and they look very healthy!

I am not saying IAMS and Eukanube are bad foods, it's just my opinion when I say I would'nt feed them to my cats. You would understand if you read some of the things about them. Sorry if I sound like a meany.
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Originally posted by AngelzOO
Well, even though Eukanuba is a top brand diet,
No, it's not. Eukanuba, Science Diet, Pro Plan, Iams and others are all just a rip off. They are made by huge corporations (Euk and Iams are by Proctor and Gamble) that use throw away substances from other products they make, put them in a bag and write lies on them to trick and deceive well meaning pet owners, throw a hefty price tag on it so you think you're getting good stuff and they make even more money.

Nutro Naturals and Natural Balance (I like better than the Nutro Naturals) are both great foods available at Petco for a good price, probably a little more than the above brands but you feed a lot less.
Innova, Wellness, California Naturals, Wysong, etc are all great foods, more pricey though and difficult to find, especially outside large cities.
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I have used several brands including Innova, Felidae, Wysong, Solid Gold and Califoria Natural and they have done well on all of these but seem to do best on Innova.
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I feed my cats Paw's and Claw's from TSC (Tractor Supply Company) and they are in excellent health. They have nice shiny coats and bright eyes. Their poop doesn't stink badly and they poop less than when I fed them an expensive brand. I personally don't think some of the "high quality" foods are all they're cracked up to be. If your cat does well on it great if not then there are planty of other brands that could be right for you and your cats.

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All my cats now get Royal Canin. They make so many different blends that are so good for the cats. It is worth the long drive to go and get it every month. My kittens get BabyKat 34, and my adults get Outdoor Formula. I have noticed such a difference with them, higher energy levels, sleeker coats, less vomiting of hairballs on the long-hairs. I am sold on the product, and not just because their banner is hanging in the forums. If you click on the banner and read about their product, I think you will be impressed too.

Also, I would like to respectfully ask that those of you who are posting negative information about pet food, perhaps you can take it to PM's or emails (libel suits do happen) Most of the posts about the pet food are just negative words with no links or research to look at just the words right there. Remember that you cannot believe everything you read, and although there are bad pet food companies out there, there are also good ones. Sometimes the rumors are started by their competitors in an attempt to ruin them too. So just be careful please in what you say and how you say it, and if you can support your statements with links for people to go and make up their own minds, that would be great as well.

When people email me and tell me how sad they are that they can only afford generic food for feral cats they see outside, I remind them that a feral cat (or any cat for that matter) will eat a raw mouse in a matter of minutes and suffer not one whit from it- except to perhaps get tapeworms, and although generic cat food isn't the best thing to feed for ferals, it is better than them starving from no food at all.
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A few rescues/shelters I have helped out at have tried Eukanuba, but I don't recall any that actually stuck with it.
IAM's is known for changing their formula without telling the public.

I don't know if you weaned them properly onto the new food from the old, but sometimes during this transition poo's can get really stinky, but clear up. Personally if a food STILL isn't working, by the time the first little bag is gone, I just move on to a new food, or the old one.
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Originally posted by hissy
Also, I would like to respectfully ask that those of you who are posting negative information about pet food, perhaps you can take it to PM's or emails (libel suits do happen) Most of the posts about the pet food are just negative words with no links or research to look at just the words right there. Remember that you cannot believe everything you read, and although there are bad pet food companies out there, there are also good ones. Sometimes the rumors are started by their competitors in an attempt to ruin them too. So just be careful please in what you say and how you say it, and if you can support your statements with links for people to go and make up their own minds, that would be great as well.

When people email me and tell me how sad they are that they can only afford generic food for feral cats they see outside, I remind them that a feral cat (or any cat for that matter) will eat a raw mouse in a matter of minutes and suffer not one whit from it- except to perhaps get tapeworms, and although generic cat food isn't the best thing to feed for ferals, it is better than them starving from no food at all.
First, I never say anything I can't back up, but I don't ever want to endanger TCS so whatever I say from now on will contain a little disclaimer as well as instructions to contact me not this site. How 'bout that?

Second, for those people who feel bad, you feed the best you can afford. You do what you can, like in everything in life. There are many foods that are higher priced that are no better or even worse than lower priced food. It's not about the price tag, it's about reading the labels, learning what the terms mean, and doing the best you can with what is available and affordable to you. And thank goodness there aren't any ferals around here, I know I could not afford to feed them! Bless you who do.

*All of the above is my own personal opinion and in no way affiliated with The Cat Site or any of its members; any objections, discord or complaints should be addressed to me personally at Thank you*
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Alicat! LOL You are too funny. That remark wasn't just addressed to you. I am sorry if you took it that way. It has come up in this forum time and time again and hardly ever are there links to back up what people are claiming.

It just seemed the opportune time to say something about this in this thread, because of the heavy views it was getting and the way the thread was leaning.

I know full well the horrors of the pet food industry in some cases. But I also know that with new laws and more people becoming aware of the *bad stuff* that the industry is changing slowly. Many people come here looking for answers, and if you can provide those answers and a way to research them, that is what the forums are about.

I think it is safe to say that we all care about our cats, and we feed them to the best of our abilities. I grew up with cats who lived for years on MeowMix and Friskies, but do I feed my cats that food? No, not because I do not believe in the products, but because there are better foods out there made for prolonging the health of my cats. Which is why I feed Royal Canin blends. When I was managing 6 feral colonies at once, I was feeding them whatever I could get. People were dropping off generic brands, inexpensive brands, and quality brands as well. These cats had been misplaced because of a trailer park being demolished and if we weren't feeding them something, they would of all died. Eventually over time, they were TNR into loving homes or as barn cats.

At any rate, ali I was not pointing fingers, just making a suggestion is all. Thanks!
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Hissy, I didn't think you were! But I do like to take responsibility for what I say and after reading your post felt it would be a good idea to do so more obviously.

Yes, many animals have lived well on the "lesser" foods, and still do. I have the option financially not to support these companies, which is more the point for me than anything else.

No offense or indignation here at all. Just taking personal responsibility for my words.
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Here's something to chew on:

Industry news
Raw meat guidance document

· The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced the availability of the draft guidance entitled Manufacture and Labeling of Raw Meat Foods for Companion and Captive Noncompanion Carnivores and Omnivores. This draft guidance document is intended to provide specific guidance on the manufacture and labeling of foods that contain raw meat, or other raw animal tissues, for consumption by dogs, cats, other companion or pet animals and captive noncompanion animal carnivores and omnivores.

The FDA does not believe that raw meat foods are consistent with the goal of protecting the public from significant health risks, particularly when such products are brought into the home and/or used to feed domestic pets. According to the FDA, for firms choosing to manufacture and market raw meat and raw animal tissue products, more specific guidance is warranted for how such products could be manufactured and labeled to protect pet owners and pets from risks involving food safety and nutritional deficiency.

Comments on the draft guidance must be submitted within 75 days of publication in the Federal Register (December 18, 2002) to ensure their consideration in preparation of the final document. Electronic comment submissions can be sent to Comments should be identified with the full title of the draft guidance document and the docket number 02D-0468. For further information, contact William Burkholder, Center for Veterinary Medicine, E-mail:

Pet Food Institute label study

· The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is in the process of considering a BSE-related precautionary label on all petfood sold at retail that would state “do not feed to cattle or other ruminantsâ€Â¾even though there is no BSE risk in the US currently. The proposed label on petfood is part of the agency’s examination of the overall BSE prevention efforts.

The Pet Food Institute (PFI) conducted a survey to determine what the consumer impact of such a statement would be. As the survey revealed, the impact could be very damaging to the petfood industry. The deadline for comments to the FDA on this issue is February 4, 2003. PFI encourages petfood manufacturers to make their position known to FDA before the deadline.

The survey results were obtained from a poll of pet owners who make buying decisions about petfood. They were not given any prior knowledge that the proposed label had anything to do with BSE prevention. The poll was designed to be representative of the US population and was conducted for PFI by Edge Research of Falls Church, Virginia, USA.

According to survey results, when consumers saw a label that said “do not feed to cattle or other ruminants†on petfood, a full 42% had a negative reaction to it. An additional 16% were not sure about it and 35% were neutral. When asked about the safety of the product, if it had that label, 56% would be very (38%) or somewhat (18%) concerned. When asked what the reaction would be if they knew the label was required by the FDA, the 56% that were concerned increased to 57%.

One of the most telling statistics found in the survey, was that if consumers saw the label on petfood, 17% would feed their pet something else like table scraps or homemade food. This possible 17% decline represents a US$2 billion reduction in petfood sales (17% of $12 billion in sales for 2001 = $2 billion). This could mean serious problems for the petfood industry, even though there is currently no BSE in the United States and the current rule already requires the labeling of salvage or distressed petfood.

PFI has made education about handling salvage and distressed petfood one of its top priorities. PFI still has plenty of Handling Salvage and Distressed Petfood brochures available for free to anyone who might need them. Contact Stephen Payne for your copies.

Stepping away from what this rule could do to petfood sales, PFI’s survey also found that 19% of consumers would be very (10%) or somewhat (9%) concerned about the safety of beef and lamb products they buy for themselves. Almost one-fifth had safety concerns about things they would eat and BSE was never mentioned in the survey. PFI believes that these numbers would increase when consumers learned that the label was placed by FDA as a measure to prevent the spread of BSE, if it were ever found in the US.

For those of you scratching your heads and asking yourself what is BSE it is also known as Mad Cow Disease.
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Ali: By the 'standards' of pet foods, those are some of the top diets of your normal petsmart store bought foods. While I personally will not feed my animals anything by IAMS, SD, proplan etc. For some animals they are great, a lot of people consider them to be in the same range as Nutro, royal canine however.
I do agree that Felidea, Innova, Wysong etc are some of the best foods to buy IF you can afford it, and do include better ingredients than the for mentioned.

I don't know if you've bothered to read any of my post before, but I never encourage anyone to buy these products, I try to steer them away from it. I just state by what the statistics say, and pet owners can decide for themselves.

Originally posted by alicat613

No, it's not. Eukanuba, Science Diet, Pro Plan, Iams and others are all just a rip off.
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You said it's a good food. I disagree. Sorry if that upsets you but I have my own opinion. If you want to feed those ingredients you can do so cheaper. My biggest problem is that they are selling themselves as something they are not. There are quite a few better foods on the market for the same price, or less. *see disclaimer below *

Oh, Hissy I don't feed raw for those reasons. My cats eat Natural Balance which is a great price and a really great food. I'd like them to eat home food, but they won't yet so that works for us.
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With regards to Hissy's post, I'm glad that the FDA is finally taking an interest in what goes into pet food.

The thing that surprised me was the people's reaction to the warning about not feeding the food to cows or other ruminents. Don't people realize the VAST difference between a dog or cat's digestion process and a cow's? I probably have a better knowledge than most city-folk because my father is an animal health and nutrition specialist for Farmland/Land O Lakes and works with farmers and ranchers on the formulas that best suit their cattle, pigs, sheep, buffalo, ostrich, elk, etc. He honestly is one of, if not the best, in the region. I've asked him numerous questions about BSE (mad cow), Hoof and Mouth, CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease, kind of like mad cow, only it's affecting elk and deer both wild and in ranches). Sadly, the media makes such a big deal about these diseases that it creates a panic, even though there have been NO cases of BSE or Hoof and Mouth in the US!

Anyway, my point is that it is really sad that people are so uneducated that any type of warning will turn them away, even if it has NOTHING to do with their pet. The other unfortunate thing is that the manufacturer's still have enough power to control what the FDA is able to regulate.
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I thought that was sort of "funny" (not so much haha but ironic and DUH!). I mean, a cat is (mainly) a carnivore and a cow is an herbivore. Why on earth would anyone feed pet food to a cow?

As to my prior statement regarding Eukanuba -

12.5 lbs of Eukanuba costs $20 regularly at Petco ($1.60/lb)
Main ingredients - "Chicken, Chicken Liver, Chicken By-Product Meal, Brewers Rice, Chicken By-Products, Fish Meal (source of fish oil), Corn Grits"

16.5 lbs of Natural Balance costs $23.99 at Petco ($1.45/lb)
Main ingredients - "Chicken, chicken meal, brown rice, duck, lamb meal, potatoes, chicken fat"

The ingredients of Natural Balance provide a more digestible and higher quality (no by-products) at a lower price.

Same with Science Diet (adult)
At $28.99 for 20 lbs ($1.449/lb) it's about the same price as Natural Balance but has less meat and less specific ingredient sources
"Poultry by-product meal, ground corn, brewers rice, animal fat"

ProPlans cheapest adult formula chicken and rice comes out to $1.87/lb! for "Poultry by-product meal, ground corn, brewers rice, animal fat"

Wysong is cheaper ($1.699/lb) than that!! And that's considered an ultra ultra premium food although the regular formula doesn't seem all that to me, but their Anergen formula comes to $0.83/lbfor "Lamb meal, ground brown rice, oat groats, rice gluten, ground flax seeds, dried yeast, soybean oil, taurine." (complete ingredient list)

Sorry so long, just trying to explain what my point is. I in no way want anyone to feel bad about feeding this or that, but don't just pick up a bag of food because the commercial sold you on it, or because it's expensive so it must be good. Not only do the more meat and digestible foods mean feeding less, many of them are significantly cheaper than other brands. All I'm saying is for people to read some labels, evaluate cost, and buy the best of what is available to them at an affordable cost. And best does not mean expensive. I feed Natural Balance but after doing this, I very well may switch to Wysong Anergen.
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Ali: I don't know why you insist upon putting words in my mouth. But I have never said I personally feel that Eukanuba is a good food. It is a top rated brand, by pet stores, vets, and pet owners alike.
I share the same feelings on these foods as you do, and have posted similar information several times.
Proper animal nutrition is obviously important to both of us, I don't want to be slumped in a pile of people proclaiming that Eukanuba is the best food, because I feel it isn't!

The mass majority are so ill informed about companion animal foods, and it makes me mad. All these pet food companies and the AAFCO could do a lot of things, but instead worry about what might infringe on sales. The article that hissy posted is nothing new, but at least it's starting to get some more light shining on it.
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Im still confused! But I apologize if you feel I am attacking you or misrepresenting you. I simply disagreed when you said it was a top line food, that's all. They sell it as if it is, and they certainly price it top of the line! but you can buy much better foods for much less. I have no argument with you nor have I ever!

I think I see the problem though, you were using that term as rated by others, not your own opinion, and I am disagreeing in that I feel it is believed to be, and sold as top line, but is not.


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LOL. I agree, I believe Eukanuba is miss labled as a "top quality brand."
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