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Does this look okay to you?

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Besides being a normal kitten playing! I've got seven kittens right now and two of them have tummies that look like this one.

These are all males, neutered, they are part Siamese.

The other ones aren't like this, just the two that are a similar color.
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Are their tummies distended? It's hard to tell in that position but it does look like it.

My first suspicion would be worms, which can do that, if they are having no problems peeing or pooing. Go to the vet, get a stool sample done, and get PRESCRIPTION (not overthecounter) meds to treat them. You should treat them all, since if one kitten has it they probably all do, especially since you've said you have two that look like that. A bad case of worms causes a big stomach, a moderate or mild cases causes no outward symptoms.
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Worms. Have they been dewormed? If they have then give it time to go away, or they could just be really great eaters.
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I'm not seeing any pics... ?
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Try using the above link to my photobucket album. It is the kitten rolling on his back playing with string. Password is "bandwidth."

I'm a bit surprised; I picked them up at the vet hospital yesterday....grrr...this one was JUST adopted and they are hoping to come back for the other one that has this big belly!!!

I've been cleaning a lot of normal litter but don't know specifically if this one went or not. I'll keep an eye now; I'm so glad I asked since I felt kinda stupid about it.

You lovely people rock!
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Hi there

When my 2 tabby's were about 6 weeks of age they too had the pot belly's...I took them to the vet to find out they had roundworms...I would try and get a stool sample if at all possable. I was given dewormers and that cleared up the problem...Hope this helps you!
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Yes, this is VERY helpful. So, the big belly didn't stop this one from getting adopted. There is one other one that looks like that too and this owner is thinking about getting him too.

I'm certainly learning a lot; and I am very happy I found this forum. Just being able to ask a question like this one, over the weekend, post at all hours of the day and night--it's reassurring.

I'm going to start checking the stools as I clean the litter box (which is a LOT).

I found out the kittens simply haven't had any of the shots they will eventually need and I am going to start giving instructions to people to take them into the vet for a checkup say, by the end of the week? Sooner if possible. Sound reasonable?
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