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Despite having several pieces of comfy furniture, my cats seem to want to sleep on seemingly UNcomfortable items.

My desk is a particular favorite. This one shows off Buddy's tongue, fangs and his cute little goatee.

Both Rowdy and Buddy like my cluttered desk.

Wadding up my bathmat and sleeping on it is a fave, too. (BTW: check out my shower curtain)

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Oh those are adorable pictures!!
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That first pic is downright adorable! I love it when cats stick their tongues out like that!
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I dont know what is wrong with cats sticking there tongues out. But that is so cute!!!!
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Same here...Patches and Beauty require pillows to nap on, but Whitey...

I tried to get one of Luna a on shelf, but she's camera shy
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Aww! Sweet babies I will add my pics of mine sleeping in weird places.

Of course, who could resist a nice warm basket of laundry?! LOL...

Or the stroller....

Computer...notice his arm, just dangling....lol

Lucy(RIP) in my daughters toy kitchen


Abby and my daughter *napping*
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OMG these are so great!

When Jack was little and I was still unpacking my apartment, I found him asleep in the collander! Unfortunately, he woke up once the camera came out...

But once my boys got older, they found it was much better to just use each other as pillows...

(L to R: Johnny, Jack and Azrael)

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Another pic

Rosie in a great hiding spot. I was looking for all the cats earlier and couldnt find her. This is why:

And one of Abby and *her* kids...kinda looks like a monster LOL
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