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Poor old Lissy

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My little rat Lissy isn't doing well right now. She is very old (almost 3 years old) but until recently she was perfectly healthy. Now she has become weak and thin. She can't even climb to the upper levels of her cage anymore.
At her age, I know there's not much that can be done for her... except keep a close eye and if she seems too unconfortable, I'll have her put to sleep.

I feel bad because I can't really comfort her. She has never liked people very much. She's not afraid of me, but she prefers being left alone.
She liked other rats but unfortunately her cagemate Nicky died around a year ago.

Poor rattie!

I just hope she's not too uncomfortable and that she'll pass on peacefully and then she'll get to play with her best friend Nicky again in rattie-heaven.

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Aww! Sorry to hear shes not doing so well. Hopefully she will pass very peacefully onto the other side, and she can play with her rat friends.
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aw, I'm sorry about Lissy!! my friends' rat passed when it was asleep, I think rats usually do, so she most likly won't go in pain
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Sending lots of good vibes to your rattie girl.
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Aww poor baby.

I had a pet rat also. She lived 5 beautiful years. In her last 4 months she was the same way. She went blind also and out try to jump out of her tank and hit her nose on the screen.. It's sad when they really isn't anything you can do... .. I know Cricket when in her sleep and it was quick, quiet and painless..I will keep her in my prayers that if/when she passes it's peaceful
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I am so sorry. Sending healing vibes Lissy's way!
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