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Christmas in June!

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I just got a surprise package in the mail from my secret santa of last year's past! Sunlion, if you are lurking, I love it! The grooming tools will come in very handy for my horses and I am showing off this plaque that is so adorable that you made. I love it, thank you so much.
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Thats a cute plaque sunlion. Did you make that?
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How nice! I hope Sunlion can soon come back and post; she's certainly missed.
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Here, here Jeanie.

In case you are lurking Allison,

WE MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!
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That is an adorable sign!!!! Sunlion is very talented!!!
Wow...maybe I will still get a package from my secret santa!
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That is just the cutest thing!

What talent!

Secret Santa's huh?????? My interest has been peaked.
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Last year, a couple months before Christmas, Hissy started a sign up for people who want to participate in Secret Santa. After the deadline, which was early so that the overseas members could have time to participate, Hissy e-mailed us with our Secret Santa name, their address and a couple of their interests.
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How sweet.

But.....some are still waiting? Awwwwwww.

Hissy, if you're reading this, send me the list of those waiting.
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I was unaware of anyone still waiting, besides me....lol There were several drop-outs at the last minute, but there were also last minute elves waiting in the wings to help out with substitute gifts. Debby I PM'd you just now. I had no idea that yours never got to you. This year, I am thinking about doing it differently and having instead of gifts maybe homemade holiday cards exchanged or something? I don't know- guess time will tell........But one other cat board I belong to did something creative last year, they had one member start the chain and she made a card, sent it to the next person on the list, that person made a card, sent both cards on and this went on and on until the receiver at the end of the line (the webmistress in this case) had all the 27 cards from the members and each card was handcrafted specifically for her. It worked out great and gave Lis some warm memories to keep for the trouble she goes through keeping a cat board up and running.
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Good idea! (I'm not too crafty, can I buy them???)

Food for thought: What you could add to this is: When you are sending the cards, make(buy) one for the person you are sending it to (the next in liner) so that he/she can keep a personal one and then send off the others. And in the end,.....you all have a nice keepsake.
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It really was okay that I didn't get my gift...I wasn't complaining. I enjoyed doing it and would do it again!! I think it has been more than made up for with the baby gifts!
One of the members here sent me a lovely refrigerator magnet at Christmas, and I thought at first it was because she was my secret santa, so I didn't even send her anything back. I feel bad now.
But then a few months later my secret santa sent me a PM saying she was sorry she hadn't sent a gift, and would get it to me right away, but that was the last I heard. She doesn't post much on here anymore...and it really isn't a big deal, I am not upset at her at all.
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