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Funny Story on how I got my Ferral

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Well one of my cats had a litter of kittens. 4 black and an orange. Since my daughter's favorite color is orange, we decided to keep the orange one. Well some how it got out the front door. My Step Father is legally blind so that's probably how it happened. Anyways we were all up set, and just when we were about to give up hope, my daughter's uncle knocks on my door and he had an orange kitten! It had been a week and he was skin and bones! I tried giving him some tuna, but he refused to eat it. But he would not stop purring! So I went out to the store and got him some kitty formula and had to feed it to him with a dropper. The next day he finally would lap up some juice from the canned cat food, so I went and got him some baby food, since I figured he would eat more of it, and he wasn't ready to eat chunks yet. He started doing A LOT better, except he wasn't litter box trained, which when he left he was, I figured he just forgot.

Anyways about a week later I'm bring some things in from the car that I bought for the kitten and my mom say your cat almost got out. And I'm like he did get out, he's right here in the drive way. She's like no he's right here! I'm a little confused, and asked what if this IS my cat. She's goes no yours is right here! I say NO what if this is the real Tic Tac (that's what we named him). So I go in the house and put the bags down in the door way, and my Mom goes and gets the cat, and we discovered it WAS my cat. It made a lot of sence after that. Why he had longer fur, his face was a little thinner (I figured he just lost that much weight), and his eye color had already changed when his brother and sisters hadn't yet.

My parents were happy at first, because that meant we could get rid of the cat we found at first, it drove them crazy by pooping everywhere and meowing all the time. Thanks to my puppy dog eyes though I was able to keep them both! The funniest part though was when we were trying to explain it to my Step Dad and he was confused and asked if one of the black ones turned orange! I couldn't stop laughing.
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A very similar thing happened to me growing up. We were always taking in strays and one night my sister opened the back door to let one of the new orange strays out, this of course was back before I knew better. She then called to my mom and said "there is an orange cat back here." My mom said "I know just let her in." My sister of course replies with "No mom it is another orange cat and she wants in." We of course bring her in and feed her. She lived with us for easily another 16 years giving us one litter before we could get her fixed.
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Hey Cali...it's good that you are able to keep both boys. I'm hoping that you were able to get mom cat fixed so there will be no more litters.

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