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Nothing ever goes right!

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I can't take no more! Let me start from the beginning. My hubbys mother moved in with us when her husband decided he wanted to be with at 22 year old! That was 5 years ago!! I guess I am a fool cuz I won't harass him to make her get out. Well then the hurricane hit. My house was distroyed! Now a year later I still have one more bedroom to complete ( one of my daughters) Needless to say things have been so tuff. Well me and hubby hardly see each other with work and 3 girls theirs no time. So my MIL went out of town for the weekend I figure hey I'll get the kids to bed and we can at least talk 30 min before we both crash lol. Well all three girls fall asleep I rented a movie (Annapolis is it good?) and took a shower and was ready to spend time with him I go to press play my 5 year old walks in. she has radar! Well she is so sick her cough sounds like a barking seal. It's now 12:30am she is finally back asleep. I get all giddy and head back to my room. Hubby is sound asleep. I know this is stupid but I'm heartbroken! Things have been so hard I just wanted some alone time with him! I know I'm rambling on but I have no friends except my sister around here and this is the only place I go on the computer. My hubby works 12 hour days and I am a stay at home mom so besides my sister and daughters I have no people contact lol I'm pathetic huh Anyway I just needed to vent. Sorry
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Sorry it seems like nothing is going right~I hate that!! Hopefully things will start looking up soon, and really you probly need to get his mother outta there...Im sorry, but really!! Theres no way in heck I would allow anyone to live with us for that long, thats just silly!
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Oh gosh...I would go crazy in your shoes! My MIL hates me, but you are doing so well!

And my husband and I live with my mom for her health, and I can understand where you are coming from, too... but my mom is really cool so she makes it easy on us. Mostly.
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Nothing you typed out sounds stupid my dear. You are going through alot of stress and wanting something simple (like spending some QT with the DH is not a big stretch) and I would probably also be terribly heartbroken if after all my personal planning (whether he knew it or not) he fell asleep on me. I had my own personal disappointment tonight, which we won't go into as it's not PG rated in the least. So I am deeply sorry for your disappoint.

I'm sure you'll be able to plan another night soon, I hope you with all you have going on you surely deserve it.
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Thanks for all the comments as you can see my night is now G rated lol
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AWW, what a DISAPPOINTMENT! All you wanted was some special time with your "soft place to land" (to use a Dr. Phil expression) and the "airport was closed". That is a lousy break.
You married a great guy alright, to look out for his mom that way. 5 years is quite awhile, though, I guess she was (understandably) devastated & your girls must be her only comfort. I hope that she is able to help out with the girls sson so you & your hubby can go on a real date!
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I know that it must be hard living with another person in your house. But....there are some positives, you have somebody on hand to look after the children for a night. Perhaps you could arrange with hubby to spend a night out taking in a movie, having dinner, or just going for a drink somewhere. If possible, how about a night away, just the two of you.

Some time talking to hubby (yep, I know that's not as easy as it sounds) explaining how you feel might help too. Although he has to go out to work everyday, he at least gets outside stimulus in his life. Being a stay at home mom, as rewarding as that is, sometimes you just need to get out and see some different scenery before you scream.

I remember feeling like this in the brief spell I was at home with the children many years ago. We made a conscious decision to get out now and again and it really does help. Then, the children are all grown up and you have as much time as you want and suddenly wouldn't mind them being little again
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Ack! I would hve pulled out all of my hair and run screaming down th road by now! I hope things get better for you soon.
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