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Sudden change....

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Hello guys!
I need your advice.. again!
It is about my Mishka of course. He recovered really good after his surgery. He eats a lot, drinks plenty of water. There is one chnage we cought right away- and it is coming from his litter box. Every time he uses it to poop- it smells SO BAD- like never before the surgery! I mean, even if you sit in another room - you can smell it right away!!!!! But it is not a really bad problem. Our house got filled with baby stuff: car seats, toys, baby gyms- but NO BABY yet. We also got a little baby crib, that you can move around the house ( you know the kind) and it has a long cover, so you can not see what is underneith it. All of a sudden, our kitty doesn't wanna slip in our bed anymore ( which he used TO LOVE and thought it is actually HIS bed, not ours)- he hides underneith the crib and crib cover. We did not pay any attention at first, but then, he became kind a weird. He is fixed, but one day I heard him making a real weird nooise and when I got into the living room- I saw him carrying his favorite toy around, in a weird position, with his little pee-pee out Though it was weird to me- I left a man alone and just told my husband about what happened- we had a lugh, thinking that he is not a gay after all! ))) ( no offence to anyone in here) The same happened next day again, BUT!!!! Something else: when I tried to play with him that day- he hissed at me and mewed like I was another cat and was attacing him ( you know the sound? ) I left him alone, later my husband tried to play with him- same thing. And now it is been going on for almost 5 days- he wont let us touch him- he will move right away, and when I trie to pet him on his head, he will move it- letting me know- he doesn't want to be touched or it looks like he is afraid I am going to hit him! This is a really shocker to me! We never hit him- EVER! He eats and drinks, and goes to the litter box, then he sleeps and that's it!!!! He doesn't look like hi is sick, more- like he is a stray cat who's never had people who loved him... what could be wrong?????????
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Oh, I am also concerned in this behavior change cause my due is in a few days and I am afraid for the baby!
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He very likely has anal gland problems and needs to see the vet asap, and if it's not that, he still needs to be seen as something serious could be going on. You can't always depend on a cat to 'look' or act sick when they have a problem, as they hide things well, so I'd do him a favor and have him seen.
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Originally Posted by ~love_that_cat~
Just say this now - how did it go at the vet?
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well when one of my cat poops it smells bad but not for a long time. just check with the vet. let me know how it goes.
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You mentioned you're due in a few days. he could be picking up on new hormones from you, which would make you smell "new" to him and would probably confuse him. I've heard of several cats that act noticeably different around pregnant owners right before they deliver.

It probably wouldn't hurt to call a vet and tell them what's going on as his smelly poos shouldn't have anything to do with your pregnancy, but maybe are related to his recent surgery.

Good luck to both of you!

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We just got back from the vet. They could not tell what is wrong with him by external exam- he seems fine to them and she could not feel anything but scar tissue ( after his surgery). He did not run fever, but was a little dyhidrated so they did an IV, plus, he did not eat last two days, so they gave us home some real fatty foods and draw some blood from him. They will call us with the results tomorrow. Nothing on his smelly poop, it might be cause of the different bacteria in his stomach after the surgery. His accessive shedding might be cause of feeling sick and his weird behavior - same. Basicly vet could not say anything untill she'll see that blood work on him. As I said last two days he just drunk water but did not touch his food, so there were no poop - on our way home- he pooped in his carrier and then as soon as we got home- he ate a good amount of that food vet gave us. We'll know more tomorrow.
By the way- my due date is today.... ))))) But nothing is happening.. ))) yet.
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congradulations on the baby that you havent had yet! LOL hope it happens soon! and as for the kitty good luck!
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Here is a link on how to induce labour naturally

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