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Anyone ever hear of Pyramith for a dewormer? I have no idea if I spelled that right. I tried to get some dewormer from the vet without bringing the cat in and they wouldn't sell me dewormer but told me this is what they use and I can get it from the Feed Store. I usually hear of Drontal or Strongid, not this Pyramith stuff. The fact that it is OTC makes me wary too, but the vet suggested it and said that is what they use, so I guess that's fine right? Or not, if anyone else uses it please let me know. I figure that this is the reason this poor cat has been so inactive the past few days that I have had him. I thought is bit of diarrhea was from the random crap he has been eating on the streets. Then today there was wormy puke and diarrhea all over the bathroom. I am guess it is all from the worms.
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Do you guys think the vet secretary on the phone meant Panacur?? She did say that is it a horse dewormer but it is used on dogs and cats too. I know that is we used on the cats at the rescue I worked at. I bet that is what she meant. Can you buy that at a feed store?
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Hi Jen,

I would assume Pyrantel may have been the name she meant. It is the same as Strongid T, Nemex. It is safe, and is used for roundworm and hookworm infections.
Drontal Allwormer, is like an all in one, as it treats for roundworm, hookworm, and tapeworm, and contains Praziquantel and Pyrantel and Fenbentel.
Panacur is fenbendazole, and it works with roundworm.
What you may be describing could be Coccidia, which has vomitting and diarrhea. IMO, Albon works best for treatment of coccidia or other bacteria infections.
You can buy these things, but I recommend working with your vet, he can help with correct dosing, and find out exactly what is causing the symptoms.
I wish you well. PM if you have any questions.
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Ok thanks, like I said, I know he has roundworms, the vet suggested that I get this medicine from the feed store because it is the same as what they use for roundworms. I am guessing she said the name wrong. Pyrantel could have been it if that is one you can get from a feed store. Panacur I have used before and she may have meant that one too because it is specifically for roundworms and that is what he has. His diarrhea isn't horrible and the vomiting just happened this morning for the first time since I had him and it was all worms and wet food. He loves the wet food and eats it so fast.

As for Coccidia, how do you pronounce that by the way? I would like to treat the worms first and then see if the diarrhea keeps up. The vomiting only happened this once so I don't want to jump to conclusions. He isn't going anywhere either, the lady who was going to adopt him just changed her mind so he will be here for awhile. I will take a stool sample to the vet to have it tested, that is how Coccidia is tested for right?
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