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speaking of grass???

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has anyone seen or used those little plants of grass sold in petsmart, or petco..
I think they are only like 5 dollars, but I was just curious before I tried one..

I have the 4 babies now, well not all "babies" but....They are STRICTLY indoors...no windows to jump out, and they have to go through about 4 doors before hitting the outside, so even when one tries to escape, he only gets 4 feet before another door..

Meaning they have no chance to eat grass..

I know some say its healthy, so I was trying to go about the best way..
I dont OWN a backyard, because its an apartment, so growing stuff isnt for me...
The last plant I had they kicked the dirt out of the pot everywhere..So if there is alot of dirt in the ones at petsmart, Im scared they will find more interest in the dirt then the plant..
Unless i only bring it out for 20 minutes a day???
How do you apartment people do grass???
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I bought one of those plants at Petsmart, and Lilly couldn't have cared less. It did nothing to deter her from my other houseplants. The good thing is Petsmart has a great return policy, so I was able to take it back & get a refund. Worth a shot!
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I buy a tub of it at the pet store and keep it on the window sill. When I ran out I used to bring a handfull of grass in from outside for Magpie who had problems with hairballs.
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I live in an apartment and I grow grass from seeds. I also have a window that gets good sunlight too. My cats love it.
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So any grass is ok??
Im 24, never owned a garden, or a yard, except for my parents....

So just regular grass seeds from a lawn and garden store would be sufficient?? is there different kinds?
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The pet grass sold in the stores is made up of a mix from Rye , Oat and wheat grass seeds and as you all know they ask a fortune for a couple of ounces.

I go to the nearest feed store and buy a pound or two at a time for only $1-2.00 and grow it myself!!!

Loki loves his grass!!!!!!
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I just stopped by Wild Oat's today and picked up some Wheat Grass for the boys. It's Organic and they love it! The only problem is that they go through it so quickly. The small flat I bought today will last until Thrusday perhaps Friday if I'm lucky.
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