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Living the dream...
Satai - you wrote this in response to the fact that I'm a University lecturer and you would like to become one. I love my job If it's your dream....go for it

I've seen a number of people here who have said they would like to go back to University/School. If you would like to, I would urge you to pursue your dream.

I went to University after working ordinary jobs for 6 years, just general clerical stuff. I returned to studying as a full time Mom of two children, married and managing a home. Hubby was also studying for his degree at the time as well as working a full time job. It can be done and it is the most rewarding experience.

Now, I get to do the job I want, I have options and the tremendous, mind-broadening experience of going to University . Not everybody wants to do it, but for those who do - definitely give it a go.