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Monday's DT

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I hope everyone's week is getting off to a good start! It's so hot out you can't do anything without breaking out into a sweat.

I went out to the store to do some food shopping and on my way back as I got half way around my block my car died. Everything shut down and the little guy in my car who talks said your engine oil pressure is low. So now I'm panicking because the engine wouldn't turn and the oil light is on. I'm thinking "Oh ***t my engine ceased!" I get out and pop the hood and check the oil and it's gone. So now I'm thinking "Oh crap oh crap oh crap I can't afford another car. My dad is going to kill me when I tell him!"

So I put half a quart in(I keep a couple quarts on hand since it leaks a little oil) and waiting few minutes, thinking how can all the oil be gone I just checked it before I left? Then a neighbor came over and help me out explaining what could have gone wrong. I'm thinking "Please don't be anything expensive."

After a few minutes I put the other half of the quart in and it was registering just above the low line on the dip stick. The car started and I drove it home(A couple houses down) and now I'm worried about it making it to work tomarrow.

Anyone here who is mechanically inclined?

Anyway have a great day all!!
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All I know is that when it's leaking oil that fast you need to get it fixed a.s.a.p. so you don't compromise the engine. Car problems bite, what kind of car do you have?

I went and saw Minority Report Saturday night. I thought it was very good, better than I thought it would be.

I got my scanner, as many of you have seen but it doesn't always feed the picture through evenly (it's not one that you lay the pic on glass like a copier). It's an all in one fax, copier, printer, scanner. I think it does a pretty nifty job though

I'm a bit nervous about work I work for a family owned company and I made the mistake of saying something to the Presidents daughter, who works here, about being bored and how I'm afraid that I might be waisting my time in this position. Normally she's a pretty cool person and I wouldn't think she would say anything but she told her mom who ended up calling me into her office to talk about it. Basically, they are just going to try and find more work for me to do. Yeah, I want more work to do but you can only do so much when you are a receptionist; and nothing that would require minimal interruptions, so obviously they aren't going to give me things of substance or importance. I have the phones, the visitors who come in and out, deliveries, and the mail to sort. If I have to go to the restroom I have to ask somebody to relieve me and I don't have a choice on when I get to take my lunch. I just want out of this position and they don't want to do that because I have "the look" that they want for the front desk. Okay, enough whinning from me

We should be getting some local thunder showers in the afternoons all week which is really good because we need the rain. We are 10" behind where we should be.
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Jessica, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. I am not knowledgeable Re: cars except that I so know it can be costly. Hope it works out for you.

Sabra, I know exactly where you are coming from. If I were you, I would not be worried about speaking your mind. A boss actually loves to hear when an employee is "bored" with their job. All this proves is that you want more for yourself and will give back more in return.

I too, spent many years as a receptionist. Unlike many people think, it is not an easy job. Appearance is 100% important. i'm not saying it's one of those jobs where the requirement is to be drop dead gorgeous but, you need to have a clean, presentable person sitting in front because: You, and you alone represent the company for that first split second meeting when a customer walks through the door.

What happened with me (worked approx. 13 years in receptionist positions) is that I am bilingual,love to interact with people and I am a quick learner. (Many positions opened up that I was denied because I was 'good at what I did) Multi-line phones intimidate plenty of people and it's hard to train someone. The hardest position to replace in a company is that of the receptionist. It's easy to have someone come in and take over the Accounts Payable Dept.

I'd hold my ground if I were and let them know that you need a change pronto.

I am now Admin. Assistant and I am finally happy with what I do. And best of all: I have no phone calls to take or messages to jot down. I was in need of a change and it did happen. Just be patient.
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Its a hot and humid one here too. Ugh! Jessica-about the car-I don't really know alot, but maybe you have a hole in your oil pan or gasket (whatever they call it). You should have someone look at it and maybe all you need to replace is the thing with the hole. Good luck!

Another bored receptionist here. Sabra, don't worry too much. They can't give you a whole lot to do...I mean, what else is there for you to do besides mail, greeting visitors, answering the phone and what not? Hopefully they won't dump something big on you. A lot of things need to be handled by people in that dept. I hate being bored sometimes too...but I just make the best of it and surf the net or read (to make myself look busy, so they won't give me anything else to do).

I don't have school at all this week because my teacher has something else to do. Now I can relax after work. Have a good day fellow Cat Siters! :daisy:
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Sabra, I have a 1985 Crysler New yorker. Old car but it looks like it just rolled off the show room floor um, with the exception of leaking oil. My dad's uncle used to own the car and if you're familar with older generation portugese you know everything they own looks immaculate.

I'm sorry to hear about your troubles at work. I think people don't realize what hard work receptionists do. I some times will help the girls at the front desk out at work if they're very busy and it's tough work trying to juggle the phones, files and people. Is there something else you have in mind you'd rather be doing?
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Jessica, there are products that you can put in your car to, temporarily, stop oil leaks. You may have a bad seal. If so, this stuff will make the seal swell and stop the leak. Ask at any auto parts store. Hot, sunny and dry, here. Projected high: 107. Work, as usual. My dad called, this morning: Mom is having gall bladder surgery, Thursday. I talked to her and she's scared to death. I'm going to try to get the day off and be there. She's been doing well, since the bypass and stroke 1 1/2 years ago. Lately, though, her blood sugar is way low (she's diabetic) and she hasn't been eating. As soon as I can, I'm quitting my job and will help out, more. Bill is so sweet, about all of this. He will do anything, for my parents. We're both the oldest children so, he understands why I'm the responsible one. I am so glad, to have him to lean on. Have a good Monday, everyone and watch out for that full moon, tonight!
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Cindy, I do hope your mom's surgery goes well.

Jessica, I agree with Vikki.

Thanks for everyone's concern. I majored in Management and I have a Bachelor of Business Administration. I want to do something in the financial arena (accounts pay/rec, accounting clerk, financial clerk), in HR or something in the administrative realm. I just really don't feel like doing reception work. I know I should be patient and see if they move me in a year or so but it's frustrating not having any mental stimulation (at least that's what it feels like). TCS is the only place that I actually get some mental stimulation
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Cindy, I'm sure things will go well for your mom. Tell her not to worry too much. I'll keep her in my thoughts. I had gall bladder surgery 6 yrs ago. It's not that bad. Just remind her to make sure she carries a pillow around with her when she gets home. A sneeze, however harmless it is, has got to be the worst thing that happens after any stomach area surgery. And a pillow to hold onto tightly against her stomach can be a lifesaver. Also, for some reason, sneezing seems to happen more often when you just really could do without!

Sabra, with your skills, I can see why you might be a little bit bored. Hpe it works our for you! Let us know what the outcome is.

Jessica, good luck with your car and like many have suggested, be careful with what you 'feed' it, especially if this is a problem you really are not sure of.
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Cindy, I pray for your mother to see that she goes through the surgery alright! Jessica, go have the car checked. Does your hubby know about cars?
I have a week to go before I will be done with school. I can't wait to get out of here and get me a full time job. I will be so much happier!
It is very hot and dry! I wonder which is better hot and dry, or hot and humid? I don't know. The dry weather dries up my nostrils to the point were I need to put a humidifier to clear my nasal problems.

I have to go to Petsmart later to buy some cat food and maybe some toys for Rascal. Spoiled Brat!

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Jessica - I hope it is something simple with your car. If it is a gasket, it won't be very expensive. Actually, a lot of things that could cause an oil leak aren't all that expensive to fix, but the damage if you don't is what can kill you.

Cindy - I'm sure your mother will do fine with her surgery. My mom had her gall bladder removed in between cancer bouts, and she did just fine. Anymore it is pretty minor surgery. She had three little snips about 1/2 inch long each, and went home the same day. Your family will be in my thoughts.

It's hot and dry here, too. Alicia, I have been in both, and I definitly prefer hot and dry. All that humidity makes it feel twice as hot. YUK!

I've pretty much been piddling the day away on TCS. I should be doing some work, but just don't feel like it (and it's not due any time soon, anyway). Sabra, I completely understand your feelings. I went from being an Office Manager/Admin Assistant to Receptionist because I had to start work ASAP and this was the first offer I got. I work for a small company, 25 employees, so they do give me things to do, mostly computer work so I can still answer the phones. With your skills and education, I can see where this is completely unfulfilling. Have you been pursuing other jobs, like in the want ads? In this economy, it will be tough, but I think you should be able to find something better.
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Heidi, your story sounds very much like mine. I too needed a job and needed one quick so I jumped when it was offered. I was told they wanted someone with a degree and that I would have work given to me from the various departments. I have yet to really see much work and I've been here just over a year (May 10). The company I work for has 33 people and is family owned. I've posted my resumes on the career websites and tonight I will be looking through the Sunday classifieds.

I'd like to comment on the hot & dry versus hot & humid. HOT & DRY. Hot and humid is miserable. Humidity makes it hotter than the actual temperature. I relate it to up north during the winter; you have the temp and you have the wind chill. In the summer here, you have the temp and the heat index. If we have a high of 98 degrees it actually feels like it is 118 degrees.

Also, you know how sweat is how the body cools itself? Well down here it's kinda pointless. The air is moist and there is very little wind so your skin is already being exposed to moisture from the air, so the sweat doesn't serve it's purpose.

Basically, Houston feels like a Hot, Wet Sauna.

Alicia, you should try saline nose spray. All it is Saline. When my Dad moved up to Oklahoma from Houston he had problems with his nose drying out like yours and instead of giving him a perscription his doctor told him to go to the store and get saline nose spray.
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Jessica, My husband is the service manager at a dealership. Although I don't claim to be knowledgable about engines, I do know this: If the red light comes on, indicating that oil is empty, PULL the car over ASAP and don't drive it until you refill the oil. A car could be leaking oil or burning oil-- and the gasket wouldn't be that expensive; it's the hourly charge for labor that'll kill you. However, if you drive the car without oil, you'll kill it--without a doubt. p.s. Believe me, the mechanic gets only a small portion of what the garage charges!
Cindy, I hope all goes well for your mom. Let us know, OK ?
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Jessica, do NOT drive a car w/ an oil light that is on, or a car that is low to the point like you described. You will blow your engine and it will be a lot more costly to replace that than it would be to have your car serviced now. My husband is a mechanic, and you definitly need to get it into the shop asap.

I haven't posted in the daily thread in what seems like forever! Its hot here, but I'm not complaining. It was a cool spring, and I am greatful for summer to have arrived now. I am so busy w/ my daycare and my own kids that I don't even notice the heat it seems!!

Sabra, good luck w/ the job. I'm sure something more suitable for you will come along. Just have patience.

Have a great Monday evening everyone.
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