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Biting/Nibbling Adult Cat

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My adult cat, tuxedo male 3 years old, has a bit of a problem with biting. It's not complete lock down biting, but it can still hurt! He will do it to me, the other cats, and any guests we have over. It's almost like he's just pinching us, but he has broken the skin before. Whenever he is curled up with us and in our lap he is a doll, but if we stop petting them then BAM! He bites! It's usually on the lower arm, it's his favourite spot. Sometimes he'll nuzzle you and then snap at your fingers when you try to pet him. When he was a kitten I thought he was just suckling (he was only 4weeks when we found him).

I've been working with him on it a little bit and I can tell that he knows he shouldn't do it...it has gotten a bit better, he doesn't grab chunks of skin and then shake his head anymore and he also doesn't bite my chin in my sleep. Sometimes he'll bite you and then run off and hide because he realizes he did it too hard.

I don't know what else to do, he's such a great cat but it's restricting me from petting him as much as he wants because it is inevitable that pain becomes me when I quit :\\

We live in a multiple cat household (3) and I can tell that he has made himself the head honcho...he owns everything (except the bathroom, that is my other cats). He'll often bite the other cats as well when they stop bathing him. They don't like it and lately all they do is growl when he comes near (they will sleep in peace together though). I was wondering if his biting me is a challenge of heirarchy thing...if it is, how do I tell him who is boss?

Cats are such complex creatures!
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Well this is an unusual one! Cats usually bite when they're being petted because they're overstimulated. Biting because he wants more pets is a new one on me.

The only advice I know how to give is the same general advice for how to retrain a cat from biting, whatever the reason. Walk away - do not tolerate it. Teach him the word "no" - and it's not hard.

The most important thing in retraining a cat is to use their language and to never reinforce unwanted behavior with any kind of attention.

When he bites, blow a short, sharp puff of air in his face and say sternly "NO." If he's on your lap, pick him up off your lap and set him on the floor, and ignore him after that. If he tries to jump back into your lap, again, blow a short sharp puff of air in his face and again say sternly, "NO."

Basically this is it. Anytime he bites, stop whatever you are doing, puff him in the face, say no, and ignore him.

He'll learn pretty quickly the word "no," and he'll definitely understand what that puff of air in the face means. It's the human equivalent of a hiss, and he understands that language. He'll be startled at first, but that's good.

Good luck!
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because he was so young when you got him. Usually a mommy cat will teach kittens not to overdo in the biting arena, as well as playing with their siblings. They quickly learn if they get too rough nobody will play with them.

The best way is just as the previous poster said. Your kitty will soon learn that biting gets him ignored and not petted. They are smart when it comes to what they want. Good luck!
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Well, when he bites to hard just say no! in a really firm voice.
and put him down. dont do it like my wife and be half laughing.
cause i can say NO and they stop. She says no and they keep doing it.

little nibbles i dont mind. i get alot of nibbles and then licks lol. They just need to know where the limit is.
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Please click here to read about how to stop this behavior.
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