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Kittten Mischief

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Okay, I haven't had a kitten in the house for a very long time. I forgot exactly how much they can get into. I'm not complaining though, in fact I've been following her around with a camera and taking pictures befor I tell her, "no, no". Here's a couple of things she's gotten her photo taken with just last night and this morning...

She loves my purses. I've caught her attacking/chewingon/beating up TWO of them lately...

She looks so innocent in the pics. Don't trust her. What you see is seconds after "homicidal purse killer kitty"!

Here she is chewing on my new gold sandals that I had just taken off...

And the grand finale...her discovery of the wine rack. She's just small enough to run through the openings, and if she does it just right...make the bottles spin in place. Yep...this could be a problem.

Enjoy! I'll update with more Anya mischief as I catch her in the act.
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I love it! You have to post more vengence-kitty mischief!
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Awe...she's adorable. Looks like she can be self-entertained too.
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Right after I posted this I took her to the vet for her first round of vaccinations. You see, when we got her she had a URI so we put off anything that would make her feel worse. We got back and she played a little and then came up to me to be picked up. She meowed out in pain. Poor little thing is sore from the shot. She's been sleeping it off on mine and hubby's bed for the rest of the afternoon.

On top of that her tummy is all upset from the last of her URI medicine. She has some pretty pungent kitten flatulence. The vet gave me some capsules to mix in with her food though that should clear up her tummy troubles. Little troublemaker blasted him in the face with a big whiff of it when he took her out of her carrier....

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Dont'cha just *love* kittens in mischief?? He is very precious though.
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what a cutie!!
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She is adorable! I absolutely love the look in her eyes in the first picture!!
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Here's a photo of Miss Anya that I took this morning. She has this look on her face like, "What? Am I not SUPPOSED to be on the table?"

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Oh my gosh what a little love! Kitten mischief is just so darned adorable!
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Kitten mischief ... I forgot all about that stage. Adorable but what little trouble makers.
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I love it when their mischievous Those are brilliant pictures
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