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Tatiana - Our Russian Blue Princess

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Tatiana was our beautiful daughter up until 3 weeks ago. She was the absolute centre of our lives. Nicknames? She had them all: "Little Bunny Rabbit" for the way her little nose used to wiggle from side to side as she smelled the air. "Little Russian Balerina" for the way she used prance so delicately across the floor. "Little Mouse" for the way she used to run and play like a little grey field mouse. She was also known as "Our little bundle of joy" for the complete joy she brought to our lives every moment of every day. Whenever we mentioned any of these pet names she would sit up proudly with her paws every so slightly crossed in front of her and squint those lovely emerald eyes with contentment. She knew she was something very special to us - I am so glad for that. What do I miss the most? Having her sitting on my lap, gently stroking her exquisitely silky Russian Blue coat. Her furry, pretty little head pressing back onto my lips to steal a loving kiss. Feeling the warmth of her cuddly, outstretched body next to mine on a cold winters night. Oh, there are so many, many things I miss but I must accept that all I have are memories now. Sweet, special memories that I will truly cherish. I have never loved a cat as much as I loved her and I doubt I ever will.

We love you Tatiana - we'll see you at the Bridge
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It is so difficult to lose a beloved pet, especially so when the bond is as strong as it obviously was with you and Tatiana. What a beautiful name for a beautiful animal! She was a special gift for you from a loving Creator, but sadly, these special little creatures are loaned to us for too short a time. It's obvious how much you loved her, so you were her blessing, and she was yours. I'm so sorry you have lost her, but personally, I believe it's only temporary. For now you have an abundance of happy memories. I wish you joy.
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Lisa - your losing Tatiana is truly heartbreaking. My heart goes out to you. You shared a truly special bond with her, and she loved you very much. As much as you loved her.

You have a little kitty angel watching you now, and she will be anxiously waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge. What a special little girl she was.
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I am so glad I found this site. It seems to be difficult for some people to truly understand how special our relationships are with our feline children. My husband and I don't have children so Tatiana was our child. Non cat people just don't seem to understand that, I can see them thinking "It's a just a cat - get over it". You guys are wonderful, your support and sincere words of condolences have helped me so much through this terrible time. Thank you, I only wish we all lived in the same country and could become good friends.

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Lisa. You are in my thoughts and I pray that each day brings you more comfort and closure on your loss of Titiana. Remember, we are only a click away here!
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She was a beautiful cat, I am very sorry you no longer have her in your life.
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