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RIP Gizzy Gizmo (biography)

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I got Gizmo from my mom whose cat had a litter of kittens. Before we got him he was eating dry food and nursing. We got him and he wouldn't eat dry food and would always throw up anytime we fed him can food.He acted like he was always starving. After a few days we took him to the vet where they gave us Science Diet ad to help him gain weight. When we took him he only weighed .9 lbs. The vet said he probably had an esophagus problem that would require surgery. We brought him home and continued giving him this special food mixed with pedialyte bc he didnt throw this up. He was getting bigger and gaining weight and we gradually started giving him dry food still no throwing up. We thought it was a miracle he wasnt throwing it up. He was such a playful kitten. Then the morning of July 4th I fed him like usual he ate, then I went to work. My bf woke up hours later to find him wheezing, his nose running, just laying around. We couldnt find a vet to see him that day bc we werent regular customers at anywhere but our vet which we didnt have an emergency # for. I took him in Wednesday morning and they said it looked like an upper respiratory infection. His temp was 12 degrees lower then normal. The vet kept him that night and put him on a heating pad to get his temp up. They got his temp up but still he wasnt eating, drinking or responding to anything. They gave him a shot and after some other tests the vet decided he had pneumonia. He stayed again Thursday night. Friday morning I was excited bc I thought he was better and going to get to come home. I stopped by to check on him b4 I went to work. He looked awful the vet said he still wasnt responding. They were giving him fluids with a surenge and gave him an iv every now and then. The vet said he probably wouldnt make it that this was the worst case of pnemonia he had seen in a kitten. Gizmo was only 9.5 weeks. He told me I could bring him home and maybe hed feel better being here where he was more familiar with things. I called in to work and tried to feed him every couple of hours. I pretty much held him and talked to him the whole day. Friday night I slept in the floor with him on blankets and towels next to me. I woke up around 1230 and he had wandered away from the towels in the bathroom. I picked him up and tried to feed him and laid him back down beside me. Then around 4am my bf woke up checked on him and he was on the bathroom floor with his eyes and mouth open. He had died sometime in those 4 hours. I had cried the whole day bc I didnt know what else to do. I think he knew he was going to die bc the whole day I dont think he took a nap, his eyes were always open. I tried to get him to rest but he never would. I cried most of the night too. I keep thinking maybe if I would have left him at the vet he would be ok or maybe if I would have done something different. I know its not my fault but I am so hurt. I kept telling him everything would be ok that we would make it through this just like the other problem he had. I didnt have him very long but I loved him sooo much. He was a little fighter and I was sure he'd get through this as well. I guess I was wrong. RIP GIzmo we love you.
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I'm so very sorry for your loss. Gizmo knows how much you loved him and that you did everything you could to help him. There wasn't anything more you or the vet could have done. Pnemonia is a very serious condition, and Gizmo's little body just couldn't fight it.

You have a very special little angel waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge...

R.I.P. Gizmo
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Hugs and prayers going your way. Rest in peace sweet Gizmo. You are loved.
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I'm so sorry for your terrible loss. Your love is so clear in your post, I have no doubt he felt it.

RIP Gizzy Gismo, enjoy your perfect health at the bridge.
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I'm so sorry. Rest in peace precious Gizmo.
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i'm so sorry to hear about your kitty <3
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Bless his little heart Gizmo, it's quite obvious that your well loved and always will be

Have fun over at Rainbow Bridge with all the other kitties, but look out for your mum
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Condolences on your tragic loss of Gizmo Your last hours together gave him to comfort & love that I wish every dying kitty could have. you told him that it would be okay; now, from over RB, Gizmo looks down to you from among our other TCS kitties who have passed, and purrs, "You were right".
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I am so sorry.
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I'm sorry to hear about Gizmo.

Rest in peace at Rainbow Bridge Gizmo.
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Condolences on the loss of Gizmo. It is so hard to lose a tiny baby! May he rest in peace!
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