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gifts Gifts GIFTS!!

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The stray be brought in (Lily) comes and goes at her pleasure. She normally is waiting outside the door for one of us to open it, runs inside to grab a bite to eat, then wants out.
Well, lately she has been leaving gifts on our steps as she is waiting for the door to open. Personally, I laugh like a fool when the wife walks out to find a mouse or bird at her feet...and her yell is priceless! It normally causes an argument, but it's totally worth it . She (the cat) is basically now leaving something on the step once every two days.

Anyhow, is there a way to tell Lily that we don't eat mice or birds?
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Nope not that I know of - just say thanks !!!
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Yes, keep her indoors! Those birds have kids (or are kids) themselves, and so do the mice for that matter, plus many of them carry diseases that can be passed on to your cat. It's really not very funny at all you know.
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My oldest indoor/outdoor cat (she's gonna be 13 in a few months) goes through spells where she brings us something every day and then nothing for weeks. Your cat may slow down, too . 'Bird is not an overly demonstrative cat (but the older she gets, the snugglier she gets), and this has always been her way of telling us she loves us (she's a good southern mom- she feeds us so we know !)

She's very proud of her hunts, and I am careful to dispose of it when she's not looking (and I too, always say thanks ). She can hunt all the voles, mice, etc. wants- the only time I intervened was when my 10 yr old LH cat got lazy (well, okay,she's always lazy ) and started bringing baby Chickadees up to the deck to play with. That's just not sporting, and she had to stay in the house while they finished learning how to fly .

I had also complained one day that I hadn't seen one single toad or frog since we moved into our new neighborhood (I collect frogs)- the next morning, she brought me a fairly large, unmaimed,live frog!

My dog also brings turtles up on the deck from the backyard- it's just the circle of life, no matter how harsh it is. Just keep her shots up to date, and just be prepared forthe possibility of a few small battle wounds that might need a trip to the vet, and if you're fine with that, enjoy the "treats" she brings you- she loves you! It's the thought that counts !
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I read somewhere that a cat bringing you "food" is their way of returning the favor. Even if you don't care for what they bring you, still reward her with a head scratch so she knows you appreciate the thought.
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She is paying you the compliment of being part of her family, and food sharing is one aspect of that. I would try and keep her in at dawn and dusk when birds are feeding, and as said, when chicks are learning to fly.
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Pickin's must have been slim tonight! Bird brought me a camel cricket!
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Originally Posted by Larke
Yes, keep her indoors! Those birds have kids (or are kids) themselves, and so do the mice for that matter, plus many of them carry diseases that can be passed on to your cat. It's really not very funny at all you know.
Wow, take a pill and calm down. Do you get mad at the nature shows when you them on TV too??? Take it easy!

Anyhow...she hasn't left anything for a few days now probably because I'm trying to feed her outside at the back of the house. I'm trying a different approach by keeping her outside, at least until it starts raining or something.
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this reminds me of a story.

I had gone out of town for three days, I left lots of food and water out for the cat i had back then. When i got home, she followed me around yelling at me for ever before she would let me pick her up and pet her. After we made up, i turned on the TV and and lay down on the bed to read a little.
well the cat comes back and starts to meow once again ( not the MEOWWW YOEWWW type just normal) so i reach down pet her some more.

Well she jumps up on my stomach ( i had really big hard cover books on my chest that was stuck in front of my face) then i feel her drop something, I pick up the book and there is a headless mouse on my chest
so i say good kitty nice job,, i take it and throw it away.. and before i could get back in bed with the book i hear her coming back up staris with her demanding meow and she had a second headless mouse. lol i remember she acted so proud of herself.Llike she wanted to say look i am real cat!!!!!!

hehe oh well, i still miss that cat.
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She loved you and wanted you to be proud of her for bringing dinner !
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