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I think I have finally found an option

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I just recently moved, and dont know this area very well...
Also there are about a dozen strays outside of my door, although they are nice, I dont want them spraying at my door smelling my cats, or vice versa...

I was looking for a way to fix them, but not to the whole vaccine schedule, being that I can afford to vaccinate stray cats, when I have my own..

I was online and saw a special at a local shelter, saying 30 for neutering that includes a rabies shot...for any pet, feral, barn, stray cats.....

Being that they listed all of those, that should mean I dont have to go through the vaccination route just to get them fixed correct???
they are closed until monday, and I will call then..

30 might not be cheap to those that have been lucky enough to get even cheaper...but calling around in the last month, everywhere else here wanted the shots done first, then the neuter, and the cheapest I found the neuters were atleast. around 50, and that was after all the shots,
So i am excited about this 30 dollars,....
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Terrific, what a great deal! $35 is the best price we can get at any spay/neuter clinic around here, and for that it's almost a two hour drive. Good for you for helping these little ones!
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
Good for you for helping these little ones!
Yes - really well done.
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Many low-cost clinics that work with ferals and "barn cats" provide vaccinations at the same time as the spay or neuter. Won't hurt to call though!

FYI: within the TNR community (trap-neuter-release), there is a large debate about the role of vaccinations. Many organizations that manage TNR programs do NOT get the cats vaccinated because of the high cost associated with it. The non-vaccination argument is that the more important function is preventing cats from being able to reproduce, and nature will take its course. Some counties or states subsidize the clinics, and would thus require the rabies vaccination, but the clinic would be able to provide it at the time of the spay/neuter - so I wouldn't be surprised if the clinic does not require the vaccination prior to sterilization.

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I forgot to add - THANK YOU for wanting to get these cats fixed!!!

And that IS a great price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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My Thanks, too, for doing the extra little bit to find a good option for sterilizing these cats and understanding why you want to do so!

Not only is there a cost consideration for some TNR groups, but there is scientific study on vaccination that leads some of us to tend to like less, rather than more, vaccination. Cats in my organization's colonies are as healthy as any other cats, and we promote spay/neuter and a rabies vaccination, only.
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Thanks for the support..So you guys think I read it right???

I think they are just stating the neuter and rabies is what they will get, and what they NEED...
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$30 is a great price for the fix and rabies shot. The one vet that does TNR cats here charges the group $26. I had asked because one of the last cats I had in didn't have the new managements required preapproval which was their new policy I wasn't aware of, and I asked her if I could go ahead and get it done for their price if he was not approved.

The TNR cats here only get the rabies shot with their apay/neuter and those that remain outside all the time seem to be every bit as healthy as those I brought in and had "the works" done on.

Hurray for you to want to take care of your new friends!
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