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Need Help with Poo problems!!! Any ideas?

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I have 4 cats now, 3 were fostered from a friend when he lost his home, none are fixed (not even mine--student budget.) They're all females from the same mother, 2 different litters so 2 are 3 years old and the other 2 are 2. Ever since I picked up a stray one night because it was injured and took it to the humane society (it was a male i think--no idea on the fixed issue) i walked back into my house and the cats went nuts...like for 2 weeks...Abby had a complete personality change and forgot she's lived with the other 2/3 cats her entire life...it really scared me.

Since then, there have been poops in front of the litter box, even immediately after it has been scooped and deodorized and since I've moved and gotten a new roommate who (THANK GOD) loves cats, there have been "accidents" on her bed, our bathtub (#1 and #2), her chair, relatively the same spot in front of the litter box (even though it's an different apt.) and finally on MY bed and then on my Binder of extremely important information! This has been getting worse over the last 2 weeks, not better.

I finally sent Abby to a friend, and since of course, Ace has been going nuts (same litter sisters) as they have NEVER been apart. As soon as she was gone, one or all of the other cats proceeded to pee on all the spots i thought had been solely Abby's fault (she was sent away because I caught her a few times and my friend has vet connections....) Now I'm bringing her back and i've gotten new "cat-attracting" litter, i've started wet food to combat little rock-hard bullets of poo, and locking and covering all materials in the house when the cats are unattended, which with our completely different schedules with work and school was not much time....

I am at my wits end and I am really concerned about these cats and how to get 4 of them to be retrained at the same time, while still keeping my job....the only confined space i have is our tiny bathroom or our living room/kitchen (which is actually the largest space, but has the fewest matierial items.)

ANY ideas would be a huge help...
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I see no mention of veterinary checkups? that would be my first step. You mention personality changes as well as elimination problems so you really need to rule out physical problems. You also mention that it is getting worse instead of better so bite the bullet and have thorough checkups done on all of them.

Spaying would be my second step- if there are "veterinary connections" then there is really no reason to have all those hormones floating around and stressing out your cats.

Aside from both of those two very crucial steps, I would place multiple boxes around with two or three different types of litter. Put the boxes in safe locations where the cat using them can see other cats approaching and exit the box without being challenged.

I personally would isolate the cats on a rotating basis to determine who it is that is doing the soiling.
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Well, Abby came home, i got a new litter and suddenly there is no longer any issues...

The vet is still happening, but the "connection" is a 2 hour drive away and we have no cars...when the vet's assistant comes to town in 2 weeks, yes they will be getting checked and meds if necessary. I've been looking for in-town vets, but when each one wants $400 per cat, that is just not in my budget, so i'm trying everything including cranberry juice over their dry food while we wait.

Thanks for all the tips, and the closed forum ideas....thank goodness, for now, the problem seems to be solved!!!
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