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Need opinions about getting another cat for remy

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We purchased remy with his mom from a breeder because they were retiring her and they were very bonded. As some of you know she died in May from swallowing rubber bands.
I have noticed Remy is doing things he didnt do as a kitten. He is trying to eat plastic. He has started scratching my husbands speakers, but only when he is home. He does things that he knows are bad right in front of you. He has never been one to climb. But he will sit on the kitchen table .
I dont know if cats act out like children? Do you think he is trying to tell me he needs a friend ? He isnt home alone more than a couple hours at a time, but he was so used to being with mom.
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He might appreciate a playmate, same sex and age has always worked as most compatible for me.
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Ming Loy likes to eat plastic, so we have to make sure she can't ever access any.

And it sounds to me like he's missing mum. While there will be transition issues, and you can read up on making cat introductions here


it sounds like another cat might be just what Remy needs.

I don't know that the age needs to be the same - we've found it easier to incorporate males into our multicat home. Females just take a little more work and time. BUT because his pal was his mum, you may want to consider adopting a female kitty. Honestly, I don't think that in the end it really matters.

Scritches to Remy,

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I don't know if you are considering another purebred or going to a breeder, but I have some advice...

If you go to a shelter, IMO it would be a good idea to seek out a female cat who has had kittens. I know we had one who had kittens, the kittens were weaned, she was spayed, yet she still had the mothering instinct. She was adopted for that mothering instinct. Maybe that would help Remy? Also, shelter volunteers typically know tons about the cats there & can help you pick one out.

If you want to go to a breeder, then I'm no help!
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If I get another cat it will be from the same breeder. We have gotten to be pals since everything we have gone through with the cats. And I love the ragdoll personality.
I went to the Cat Show in Monroe Michigan today. It was fun
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