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Any Chance for 7 cats??

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Hey all,
I don't know if it is OK to post here. We are a group in S. Indiana. We help dogs and cats. A good friend of ours was doing her own thing, with her own non-profit group helping cats, but is going through some personal and medical issues at the moment. She is so down and out right now that she thinks her only choice is to euthanize the entire group of cats she has (about 15) I could squeeze in half of them with us, but any suggestions on any other groups (or just good individuals) who in light of this sad story, may want to take any in?? I'm posting elsewhere too. It's so sad because this lady has given her life to help these cats and now she just needs out from under the burden. Suggestions?
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Perhaps you could contact your local United Methodist Church and see if any members would be willing to help out. The Methodist doctrine is that humans were given stewardship (as opposed to dominion) over Creation, including our pets. http://archives.umc.org/interior.asp?mid=1701 Also, it is obvious that your wonderful friend was given a heart to help animals; to let her down in her hour of need would be unkind to a special lady who has been sent down a difficult road that steers her away from continuing her rescue work. I'm not trying to preach, or proselytize, etc. just trying to help find an answer to a prayer that helps both your friend & cats...Susan
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I sent you a PM
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THanks all,
Jen, I wrote you back! I agree with the 'stewardship' idea but we are in an EXTREMELY rural, backward thinking community, all animals in general are viewed as 'livestock'. Cats in particular are never well cared for. We couldn't even get people to spay/neuter for the cost of $5.....to spend $5 on a cat was unthinkable. Its a mindset that is impossible to comprehend until you've experience it and spent years trying to change it. FIP is rampant in outdoor cats because people won't vaccinate a cat. Cats are definately disposable to most in the area, there are always more to be had from the 'free ads' in the paper.
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OMG - what a sad story! I find it really difficult to believe she's considering having them euthanized! At the VERY least, can they not become barn cats on farms in the area?

The other suggestions I have are these:

Use this link to find organizations in your area (type in your zipcode), and hit the phones: http://www.pets911.com/organizations/organizations.php

Please also use this link to the Best Friends "No More Homeless Pets" network: http://www.bestfriends.org/nomorehom...ts/thenetwork/
Best Friends NMHP FAQs: http://www.bestfriends.org/nomorehom...networkfaq.cfm

The Best Friends Network has helped us find people all over the country to help rescue cats.

And you can also grab the yellow pages and start calling local vets. Explain the situation briefly, and ask if they know of any other "crazy cat people." Especially if you're in a rural area, if there are any, it is very likely your vets will know. We alerted most of the vets within a 50 mile radius of us, and if anyone called with a problem, they would take their number and give us a call.

If between those three resources you can't find any help, then please click on the "Rescue" in my signature line, and use the links to see if you can find other resources in your area.

Thank you so much for wanting to help in this terrible situation, and I sure hope that with these resources you can find a better solution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Originally Posted by PetFriends
Cats are definately disposable to most in the area, there are always more to be had from the 'free ads' in the paper.
I attend a UMC church, but only a few of its members would respond to the stewardship approach, IMO (though, to be very honest, I have not tried that approach on them as yet). Thanks, Jen, for the suggestion!

I DON'T live in a rural area, yet we have a lot of the "cats are disposable" culture here too. BUT, I know that Tompkins County in upstate NY was able to make a lot of strides for animals (it's very rural area). AND, I would think that even when "ordinary" cat rescue situations in this kind of area don't raise much of a response, an extraordinary human interest story like this one should uncover some kind impulses.

My suggestion is to call the editorial departments of as many local newspapers and (if any) radio and TV stations as you have time for, and tell THEM what you've posted here. Ask them if they can help you find more foster homes for cats. It may take some convincing, because not every reporter or editor has a natural grasp of how rescue works and what a foster home is, or even why cats need our help but it is also an investment in what could turn out to be a big help for this woman AND for your group, over the long term, I think.

Hope this helps!
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Any chance someone could transport them to my area? I'm in Minnesota and might be able to take some for rehoming.
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