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A little nervous...

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So today was my last day on my job. I start a new one on Monday. It's closer to home and pays ALOT better but I am SO nervous about it. It's more of a professional office. I am used to working in an office but allowed to wear jeans and tennis shoes. Not this one. It's very professional. I have pants suits and such so that's not a problem.
When I was at the new job for an interview I did feel a little out of place. It seems like there are alot of younger girls there... Early 20's, single, no kids and upper class. I just hope I fit in. I'm almost 28, married and 2 kids. My supervisor there seemed very sweet and down to earth. I let her know I am a professional person but I also am down to earth and we clicked. I hope everyone else is as laid back as her. I guess I'm just insecure because I'm more of a tom-boy then a (hope this doesn't offend anyone) prissy rich girl.
Heck, I'm lucky to get my eyebrows waxed every 2 months

I said good-bye to everyone at my old job today. I am going to miss alot of them there. It felt like a family instead of a "staff". The shop foreman and head sewer bought me lunch today and also an expensive potted plant and told me that it's to remind me of them and "Here's to growing in life".. I almost cried. Everyone hugged me and made me promise to come back and visit. Which I will. I was told that if another position opened up that I would be the first one they would call... the owner told me this and I am in good graces and eligible for rehire. But the timing is just wrong right now with them and me.
I am really going to miss that place even though it had it's ups and downs... like every job.
It's going to be weird to not drive there in the morning, walk through the shop, saying hi to all the techs, clocking in and having the owners son bring me my morning coffee ( I never asked, he did this himself).
I was only there 5 months but it seems like 5 years because I was close to everyone.
I guess I didn't realize that I was more comfortable and more attached to the place then I thought I was... I am now wondering if I should have fought harder to work something out....

Sorry to ramble, just needed to get it off my chest
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I know the feeling of leaving a job you've been at forever....I was stationed at Andrews AFB for 4 years...and though I absolutely hated it (but it was the people I was working with and my supervisor's) I loved my job. I loved taking care of my patients and I knew my patient's loved me.

It's been almost a year since I got out of the military (July 29th officially) but it's been a year that I've not been there. All the co-workers (the whole 2 of them) that I got along with have moved on (one's in California--we still keep in touch) and one is in Florida but is deployed right now to Balad. We still keep in touch as well.

It's hard moving to a new job where you don't know anybody. Me I have a hard time meshing with people because I have a hard time trusting other people. That's my idiosincrysy (sp). One person gives me one odd look and it can ruin my whole day.

But for you, I'm sure everything will be just fine, I see alot of the same qualities in you that I have in myself. It's like odd and all that...and something that is probably more left for a private discussion.

I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers hun.
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Good luck with the new job!

It's ok to be nervous
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It's OK to be nervous. When I left my job of 3 years back in Aug 05, (OMG...almost a year ago), I felt like such a doofus because I was physically shaking my first from nerves. The sadder thing was I had a guy about 8 years younger than I training me!

Good luck on Monday! At least you know you already have one person to click with there!
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