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Max - My Beloved Rainbow Bridge Cat

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We are coming up on the one year anniversary of Max's passing on the 12th of July. I am trying so hard not to be depressed. Sweet Max, I miss you so much every day and still think of you. I never saw another cat as smart as you. I remember all the unusual things you did. I have been thinking I would get out the video tape of you walking on the treadmill with me and watch it.
I remember how you would get in the shower with me and you didn't mind the water as long as you were with me. I have tried to teach your brothers Speedboat and Muffin to play the "Hide and Seek" game like you did. They just don't learn it. I would tell you I was going to hide from you and you always sat there and gave me time to go hide. Then you would tip toe around from room to room and never stop until you found me. How proud you were and your long black tail would be held high. Your Daddy misses you as much as I do. I wrote a story about you last year, but he has never been able to bring himself to read it. One day, maybe he will. I have seen you one time since you have been gone. It was in my sleep. I was holding you and stroking your velvet black fur. It was so real. When I woke up I could not believe you were not there. Thank you for coming to me. It was so comforting.
One thing is for sure. It was such a hard decision to part with you. When you closed your eyes for the last time and went to Cat Heaven, a piece of my heart went too. I know that you are happy and healthy and being your mischievous self. Don't get the other cats in trouble at the Bridge. Have fun until I get there. When you see me coming, get ready for the tightest hug you ever had you big old sweet boy. It will happen.
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The anniversaries are difficult, aren't they...Max was indeed a very special boy alright - the communications between you were amazing I hope that Max up there is teaching some unborn kitten all the ropes, and that Fate unites you with another Max, to be with you until your reunion...
Reading your tribute to Max makes me miss my Miss Tobie, although Joey does a great job of following in her paw prints...They are all so special.
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Originally Posted by Bugaboo1
It will happen.
Hang on to that thought at this tough time.

I will keep you in my thoughts.
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My heart breaks for you at this difficult time. Max will always be in your heart and someday you will be reunited again, until then remember that Max is happily smiling down on you and wanting you to only be happy.
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What a sad time this is for you But know that Max is playing happily over the bridge right now and looking after all the other TCS cats and kittens who have crossed the bridge
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Deepest condolences on the loss of Max. I'm sure tomorrow will be a difficult day for you.

You are so descriptive when you talk about Max! I know he was a very special boy!
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Thanks to you all for the comforting words. Keep prayers coming my way.
Tomorrow will be a long day for me. I will be trying to think good positive thoughts about Max.
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You still remain in my thoughts and prayers.
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