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More tendon problems

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a couple of weeks ago I had written that I was having problems with "tennis elbow" not of course from tennis but from landscaping. In the past couple of days I have been having severe pain in my right achilles tendon. Spoke w/my sis who is a college coach and she said most likely overuse injury and due to wearing improper shoes (you mean I can't where flip flops and use a shovel???)
Anyhow anyone else have pain in their achilles tendon (FYI-this is the tendon that runs along the back of ankle upwards). Ice felt terrible!!! I have to work tomorrow -digging (with shoes one!!!) but this is yet another injury I cannot have that this time!!!
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I don't know if this will help but my daughter is a cheerleader and she has problems with her knee and ankle she says soaking in a hot tub with EPSON SALT works wonders. I don't know how but she said it is the best then switch ice and heat ever 15 min and keep it propped up and you should be as good as new the next day!
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Epson salt is very good for that kind of pain. I know you said ice felt bad, but if you can stand to do the alternating ice and heat, the ice will reduce the inflammation in the tendon and connecting muscles to allow the heat to get into the tissue and soothe it. If you have not already discovered Biofreeze, I highly recommend it. I use it daily, and use it on many of my client during massages.
If you have someone that can do it for you, a light stroke with the full hand from the ankle to the knee all over, front and back will help get the fliud in the tissues moving, flushing out the lactic acid that is causing a lot of the pain in the muscles. I hope you feel better, and PUT YOUR SHOES ON!!!!
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Well I wore real shoes today working and my tendon area while still a but swollen did not hurt all day. And I was on my feet most of the time, diging out LOTS of weeds. I'll try ice shortly.
What is this Biofreeze products??? Tell me more!!!
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