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Cat Pooping indoors

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We have a 14 year old cat that is not sick or anything. She has begun pooping indoors, in the computer room now that it has gotten hot. She did this last summer, and as soon as it gets cool, or cools down outside, will go back outside to do her business. (All our cats are doggie door trained, none have a litter box, none are litter box trained.) We have tried everything to stop it, nothing works. We clean it up, we spray different things that have been suggested and still she does it. What can we do? Like I said, it's only when it gets hot (It gets very hot and humid where we live).
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Since you know it is happening provide her with a litter box .
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I know you said she isn't litterbox trained but how about putting a box right at the area she chooses to go in the house. just will it with dirt or something from an area you have seen her go outside so it is the same but just indoors. She is older. she may just be too tired to make it out there in that hot.

I know you also said she is healthy but has she been in for her senior panel yet? There could be something going on that you aren't seeing. Cats will not show when they are in pain, especially if your cats are outdoor cats. If she looks healthy and seems healthy, I would just get the senior bloodwork done just to be on the safe side. Unless you have already.
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If she's choosing a certain spot or area, I would put a litter pan there with some litter that resembles what she uses outside (or even get some of the dirt/sand from outside and use it.

Why was your cats never trained to use a pan. If you have to cage them or they need to be confined at a vet, they have to be litter trained.
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Our cats were never litterbox trained because we had a doggie door, and when they came, they started following the dog outdoors and doing their business outdoors....so we never had to litterbox train any of them. It seemed to come natural to them. (Cindy came to us as an older cat, and where she had lived before, she was doggie door trained also, and so she has never been litterbox trained either). They have never and will never be in cages. And when our Angel had to go to the vet, they never said a word about her needing to be litterbox trained. They never told us that there were any problems. [They said she did fine there, and she was being spayed. (Fixed?)] (They knew she was doggie door trained, because we told them and they said it wasn't a problem)

Putting a litter box there may be very difficult, it's a very small area, about the size of a small cat. It's also a very difficult place to get into...... Not sure if just putting down newspaper might do the trick?? Then we could just pull it out, throw it away and lay down new.

We'll have to call about the senior panel.

Thanks all...we'll have to look into figuring out something. I'd really like to know if you all think using newspaper there might work, cause I'm seriuos, getting a litterbox or any box in there is going to be very difficult.
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If you can't get a litter box into that specific area, perhaps you could cover the area with aluminum foil and furnish a litter box somewhere else in the home. Show the cat where it is and see how it goes.

Or for one night put the cat into the bathroom with her food, water and a litter box and after she has used it once tell her what a good girls she is and let her free.

Did you say she had been checked by a vet for possible medical problems? If not then that is probably the first thing you should do just to be sure she is healthy since she is a senior citizen now.

Good luck with your girl!

BTW... I don't think I would try the newspaper route. She may go on the paper is you put it there, but would not be able to distinguish that newspaper from any other paper around the house and you could be opening yourself up for more and different elimination problems.
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Thank you...I kinda wondered about that after I asked. I have heard about alumininm foil, but don't understand why you would place it where she is doing her business.....we'll have to try a litter box somewhere that she can use it....Bathroom would be ideal to begin with in my opinion......When I had two other cats, before moving here, it was always in the bathroom, and it was easier for me to remember to empty it each morning or night, sometimes both, with 2.
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