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Spayed today

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I'm new here, i hope this is the right place to post O.o

I guess i'm just looking for reassurance really. This is my first kitten and to say that i'm neurotic about her wellbeing right now would be a huge understatement.

She's 10 weeks old and just got spayed today. I got her back home a couple of hours ago and now i'm slightly freaking out!

Is there a great risk of her pulling at her stitches? Well, that's probably the wrong thing to ask as it's a cat to cat basis I guess. Should I be so worried about it? Would she be ok if she did right now and we rushed her to the vets right away.... or should she be watched like a hawk to make sure she's stopped before she can start biting at them?

I've got her in a small enclosure right now, she's been stretching a bit which worried me. She then started cleaning and gravitating towards them, so I stopped her. Now she's asleep and i'm feeling a bit calmer.

I'm sorry, I'm sure this post sounds awful and I sound nuts. I'm usually not the anxious about her, although obviously i'm always watchful to make sure she's safe. It's just the thought of her picking at them with her teeth or something. I've got images of something truly awful happening if she does running through my head.

Thanks and sorry again!
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Welcome to TCS and congratulations on your first kitty!!

It's natural for your kitty to want to lick her incision, but you want to check it to make sure she's not irritating it and/or making the stitches come loose. Keep her as confined as possible and keep an eye on her. She'll probably sleep and rest much of the evening as she's sore and still under the effects of the anesthesia.

If she does seem to be licking too much, you can either ask your vet for an e-collar or you can buy one at a pet store. Since she's just a kitty, you might have to cut it down to fit her. Also, I've read that you can cut the top off a sock and place that around her tummy (as in stick her body in the opening and have her wear it like a belt). However, you don't want the sock to irritate the incision and you don't want it to be too tight.

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I agree, I would just watch her to make sure she's not licking it too much and it's not becoming super red (a little redness is expected).

HUGE congrats on your new kitty and about being responsible and having her spayed!
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Thank you both so much for your replies

I'm terrible worrying about her all the time!

She's doing well today but this morning she did start biting at her stitches. So we went with the sock idea and it seems to be working really well

We managed to find one that isn't too tight and she can't reach the stitches now, and really doesn't seem to care about it being there! I'm checking to make sure it's not making it sore and it all seems good so far. I'm feeling much happier about it all today.

Thank you again so much!
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How is Libby doing? Polly had a big bump when she got her spay done. Polly is my first kitty and it worried me to DEATH. Evidently, that happens too sometimes. We took her to the vet and they just said to watch it. If it doesn't come down in a couple weeks, bring her back in.

Polly came through just fine, as I am sure Libby will.

Do you have any picutres of her yet? She sounds like my new kitty Roxie. Roxie is a diluted calico though. She is grey and cream instead of black and orange.
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Libby's doing well She's still got the sock on, as she's biting the stitches when she gets a chance to. But i'm checking them regularly and she's healing really well. There's hardly any redness and it hasn't bled since she's been home - so that's good

I actually just posted a couple of pictures today in the picture section of the forum
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Glad she's doing so well!! Also glad to hear the sock is still in place and it seems to be working to keep her from nibbling on her stitches. I'm off to see her photos!!

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Yeah, i'm glad it's working too. Thank you so much for that suggestion. I've not had her long, but long enough to know that she would have absolutely hated an e-collar!
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woo CONGRATULATIONS on the new kitty

my darling kipper
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