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I am searching for a cat toy that was carried by Pet Supplies Plus a few years ago. It was made by Petstuff, at least I am fairly sure, but now I am told that the company has changed ownership etc.
The toy was three soft knitted like balls in very bright blue, yellow, and red that were poly stuffed, on a white elastic string with a few silver bells. I think it also had a small plastic red ring on the top so you could hang it on something for your cat/s.

We got it for our last cat who never showed interest in it. My new cat has just loved the yellow and blue balls dearly for the last 7 months, as he is now a little over a year old. He would carry one of them all over the house and bat it around, or play with it on the stairs and run down to get it when it fell. We had to finally throw the yellow one away and then we had the blue one until a month ago. I think it may have gotten in an empty cardboard pop case and accidently thrown out. Needless to say he is soooo lonely for one of those balls and I can not find anything like it so far.

I sure would appreciate any help locating this item, if it still exists, or something similar to it. I don't like the pom pom balls and neither does he.

Thanks so much,