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The Bus Trip

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Don't know how many of you were around while Gary and I still lived in the RV. But we've been in the house for almost two years now! In Feb of this year we had to head South, and decided the best way to manage it was to take the RV with all the kitties. Ming Loy had never been in the RV, but all the other kitties lived there for some time, though never while driving anywhere.

We'd taken out all the furniture. So we packed up what we needed, and lugged most of the cat trees out to the RV. We cut several holes under the bed (big storage space under there) so they'd have a place to hide while driving, and we filled it with beds and boxes so they'd all have hidey places.

We were worried about how things would go - but they LOVED it! They were scared while driving at first (though Spooky and Flowerbelle came out for the drive back up from FL to NJ). Every time we stopped for gas we'd check on them. Most of the time they were just sleeping, and after the first gas stop they got used to what was going on, and they'd come out to drink or use the litterbox or whatever.

Here are some long-ago promised pics:

Flowerbelle at her perch on top, Tuxie's rear-end. The cat tree is where the dining room used to be.

Cat trees and litter boxes where the living room used to be. And that's Lazlo KNEADING on the sheepskin on the driver's chair!

Tuxedo quickly assumed control of the entire front window and dash (doesn't he look healthy!!!!!!!!!!!!!):

Flowerbelle on top, Ming Loy in the middle on the cat castle next to the front door:

Flowerbelle peering out through one of the holes cut under the bed:

And... .Gary tried to take some pics under the bed. He just reached his hand under there. They didn't come out too well, but here's part of Tuxie - obviously looking relaxed while sleeping! You can see some of the beds/baskets we had under there:

And, last but not least - another not great pic of under the bed. This is looking the other direction from the last pic. You can see more of the beds/boxes we had under there for them to hide in:

None of them stressed over the trip at all, and we'll probably take them all out again before the year's out!

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Isn't it amazing the lengths we will go to for our babies!! They were probably more comfortable then you and Gary.
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What a fun way to travel. I wish I had an RV. I love your cat tree. It looks like a real tree.
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Originally Posted by snosrap5
Isn't it amazing the lengths we will go to for our babies!! They were probably more comfortable then you and Gary.
LOL! That is SO true! They had ALL the surfaces except the kitchen counter, and we dedicated all of the overhead compartments except for two in the bedroom for them. They all loved living in the RV before (though they LOVE having stairs in the house to play on) - but we just thought there wasn't enough room for five cats and two people, and we moved into the house. But they were SO HAPPY on this trip. There was more purring from all of them than there's been in a long time, lol!
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Tuxie looks so great! And boy did they adjust well to travelling. They'll be more well travelled than me pretty soon!
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Your cats look right at home in "their" RV.
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Laurie they've certainly got condos!
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What a fun way to travel!

It makes me happy to see Tuxedo looking so well.
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What fun for them Laurie!
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What a full house er... RV! That's amazing how well adjusted they are... I hope I can do the same with my kitties when and if I ever have an RV and roam the country like I plan to someday.
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