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Pics of Church Washing, contractions

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I took a bunch of pics... I'll try not to post too many LOL
Church is not in any box I have prepared, but is just hanging out in her favorite chair for now. She's washing a lot, and you can see when she has a contraction. No straining or even close ot pushing yet, but I hope these continue to progress.

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She's a gorgeous kitty! Her head looks so big compared to her body... how much does she weigh now and what was her pre-preggers weight?

Give her belly rubs for me...
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She's not a very big cat, never thin though, but I haven't weighed her in ages so I have no idea what her pre preg or current weight was/is.

Might just be the angle of the camera.
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i just had my bunk give birth. You will know without a shadow of a doubt that your "church" is geting down to buseness.
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Still nothing happening ....
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I cant wait to see pics and read Church's birth story!!! Do you know who the daddy is?? any idea or guestimate as ato how many shes having??
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There may be two fathers, I found her with a flame point siamese and a long haired domestic who was tabby and white....

I'm thinking 4... her belly looks round, but she's not huge really....
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Aww!! Siamese mix would be too precious! I still cant believe that cats can become impregnanted by TWO males at the same time...its crazy isnt it??
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I really hate this close but not quite part. LOL

I haven't slept much for about 3 nights now, and won't likely tonight.
Church seems absolutely fine and is in no rush to get on with things. LOL
While I was sitting with her one contraction seemed to tighten up her belly more than any other had so far, but she barely reacted to it at all and is still wandering around so I know she's not getting serious about it yet.

She is going into the 66th day now.

Guess I should go to bed and try to sleep....
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get some sleep, cause its gonna be a long weekend,lol. Im the same way with Icis. She has had some contractions, but they dont seem to bother her at all, but me, im biting off all my nails,lol.
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I was exactly the same with boo, Im sure she was teasing me as for 4 night's running she showed all the signs of going into labour then everything would just stop.

The day she did eventually go i was in no doubt it was happening. It was all just different, I cant explain exactly what it was I just knew that was it.

Good luck, here's hoping for babies soon x x x
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Still nothing so far today... Going to take her temp soon and see if it's still down.
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anything yet?
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Still absolutely no signs of labor yet. I didn't bother taking her temp yet today...
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Well you already know I think Church is a beauty. She is certainly getting big. She seems bigger now than her last pics I saw of her. MaxSheba is also getting grandioise, lol and she is starting to slow down with any playing at all lol the flash light still intrigues her but she cant do nothing with it, and to see her sit is absolutely hillarious! She sits where she gets her stomach off to the side and then lays down. Anyhow, GO CHURCH GO!!! GO CHURCH! YOU CAN DO IT Keep us posted.
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nothing here either. she is still eating everything in site,lol. i havent bothered to take a temp in a few days either, it'll happen, im ust not one who likes to sit and wait,lol.
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Still nothing... I was doing ok before her due date.... but since day 64, I keep hoping ok maybe today! LOL

She was diggin up some papers this morning, but then the kids got up and she started acting normal again LOL
She'll mostlikely wait til they go to bed.... whatever day she finally has them!

Today is day 67.
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She is definitely seeming more restless, and appears to want to choose the most inappropriate places to have her kittens, and also seemed a little too interested in being near the front door so I've put her in my room and locked the door. I hope that doesn't delay things, she doesn't seem overly anxious about it though, no crying or scratching at the door, just ready to bolt if I go in there.
She was laying differently earlier too, in one of my dog's crates, and you can tell her hip bones are a little more spread out so I'm hoping.

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OH its coming!! Im excited! Take LOTS OF PICS!
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WTG Church baby. You can do it. The big day is def. approaching! I have a ? how much do dog crates normally run?
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Depends where you are I suppose. I have 3 dogs, and although they are not actually in their crates much, I do use them if I have to go out for any length of time to keep them safe. They are great for housetraining puppies too.
My largest crate was $179, and my middle sized one was $129, and my smaller one, which is technically a medium sized, was $119.
You can often get them used at yard sales and such too though.
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Chruch is VERY restless now, occasionally meowing loudly and wanting out of my room, then using the litterbox, then laying down again. When she has a contraction it is just amazing to see those kittens roll around LOL
I noticed a bit of bloody mucous hanging out of her vulva after the last litterbox trip, so she's finally getting closer
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Do you live in the UK?? I live in Tn/U.S.A. At petsmart I think small ones are $49.99?? Not in the $100
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so she's finally getting closer [/quote]

Go Girl!!! You Can Do IT!!!!!!! When they are born you and your cat can some sleep!!!!!
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Originally Posted by KittyLova
Do you live in the UK?? I live in Tn/U.S.A. At petsmart I think small ones are $49.99?? Not in the $100
I'm in Ontario, Canada.... the small ones are about that price here too I think. Mine are not small. My smallest one is 24 inches tall, 36 inches long and 24 inches wide.
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I keep coming back to this post to see if she's delivered yet .......... looks like its time .....sending good vibes to you ...... take lots of pictures ......cant wait to see them !!!!
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I am finding myself checking the forum between making dinner to see if church has had them yet! (pathetic i know lol) I think i am so curious because my Isis looks just like her!!! COME ON CHURCH!
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Not yet, but she has more discharge now, and is using the litterbox a lot without actually doing anything in it so I know she must be feeling the urge to push.
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can't wait, Can't Wait, CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!

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Yay Church! I always wondered if their labour felt like ours? they seemm to go through it must faster than humans do!
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