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Email Notification Problem

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I couldn't keep up with all the email notifications so I changed my selection to no for this option, "Use e-mail notification by default." Recently, I changed my mind again and changed my selection back to yes and also clicked the submit modifications button. I didn't get any results so I followed Debby's advice to go back again and click no, then click yes, and then click submit modifications. I am still not receiving any email notifications on the threads I am subscribed to. I have been receiving all my other email.
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Lorie, I just checked your profile and you are indeed set to receive email notifications. The thing is it would only work for threads you are posting to now (since you changed that back to yes) and not to the ones you posted to while it was set to "no".

If you want, you can go and subscribe to any thread you like (even threads that you never posted to at all). What you need to do is visit the thread you're interested in and scroll down to the bottom of the page where you'll find a link that says:
"Receive updates to this thread". Just click it to subscribe to that thread. You can then manage your subscriptions (email notification orders) from your user CP (Control Panel). Just click the user CP button at the top of any page and scroll down to where it says: Subscribed Threads

Hope this helps - let me know if not.
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