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Sneezy, runny nose and weezing

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My cats have always sneezed and weezed, and had runny snotty noses but lately its gotten worse.. we have taken them to the vet but he didnt really tell us anything useful. I was just wondering if anybody know what it might be. If it helps the smaller one has begun to get skinnny aswell... Any ideas? im getting worried.
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The vet gave no antibiotics? I would get a second opinion. None of the symptoms are normal in a cat.

The symptoms your describing could be several things. I don't want to alarm you but sneezing, wheezing and the weight loss is not good.
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well yah lol i dont think it is good ... the vet did give antibiotics but they did nothing. we may take them to another vet but he is pretty much the best one around so...
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Oh dear! Get those kitties back to the vet or to another vet! The wheezing and weight loss are not good things.

If they are not interested in eating, you can get some wet food and heat it up a bit to enhance the smell. Also, stage 2 chicken baby food slightly heated works well. When my Hannah was so sick (snotty, sneezy, wheezy, runny eyes, and blowing snot out her nose), I mixed in a little bit on chicken baby food--no onions or garlic--with the wet food and she'd always lap it up!

Running a vaporizer or taking them into the bathroom with you while you're showering will help them breath and make breathing easier. Make sure you shut them in there with you!

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yah again i think we will bring them the the vet. they arent indoor cats the yare barn cats, therefor we wont bring them in because theyarent litter trained and they are slobs plus we have three big dogs who would terrorize them but where could i find this food?
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Since you're goal is just to get them to eat something, I'd say the canned food you get at the grocery store or pet store would be fine. The chicken baby food is found in the baby section of most grocery stores.
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