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Darned birds!

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A bunch of black birds have discovered the cat food I leave out for my ferals. They are a hungry flock and eat the entire bowl by the time the day is over. Unfortunately, my ferals come at various times during the day and evening to eat, so I have to leave the food out for them. Right now the food is inside an upside down laundry basket. There is a small hole in the side of the basket so the cats can get in. I did this to keep out the neighbor's dog, but it is not working with the birds. I even hung a towel over the opening and the birds just pushed their way inside.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to keep the birds out of the cat food?
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I was going to suggest a wire cage get-up over the top, but it sounds like you have tried that type of thing already! I will have to give this some thought, and will get back to you!
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I don't know if it would really work, but what about a scarecrow? I would think that those farmers of history wouldn't have wasted their time making them if they didn't work at all.
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