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Where There Is A Will There Is A Way

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I think it was last week i wrote about my cat bening finkey.
Well I don't know if it is bening finkey or just to much food at one time.
Wednesday night instade of giving her a whol pake of food I gave her half.
And she ate it all.
Now tonight we try somthing difrent but only half.
Maby she just wants somthing moist like the Dogs get eather way
She will be getting only half.
Shoot and half is only a small can like fance feast.
But I will keep you up on this food thing.
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Are you feeding more than the recommended amount on the can? If so, you are right maybe she is just full and not being finicky.

Also, look for patterns in how she's eating. Does she not like a certain flavor? I know Zissou does not usually like fish flavors, and likes chicken more than beef as a first ingredient.

Do you mean she will only eat half of a small tin of food and that's it for the whole day? If so she needs to see a vet, because that is not enough food. I hope you mean, she will only eat this much wet but also has dry food?
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My cats will only eat about 1/2 a small tin or pouch or 1/4 a larger can in a sitting. They are free fed dry too. I feed them that much twice a day. Any more and it goes to waste.
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Kaliey is on Since Diet for Siners.
She was on Nutro at frist but diden't care for it.
She is free fed the dry all day and at night she wants A can.
When i frist brought here here she was skinny and hurgy.
I have done this sence Oct.
So yes she most defently gets dry and treats at night
she only likes the crunch treats and will nibble on them at night.

Here are some pitchers of her from the frist day to now.
She is now about 10 pounds if not more.
She has settled in real well but the dogs tormet her.
But she gets her licks in reraly well shot I have heard A yelp once or twice.
But she torments them to she will stand in the hall annd mew for no reason at all then to ster up the dogs.

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Keep up the good work, Kaliey! She's such a beautiful little girl, Peggy!
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She looks quite healthy. My cat loves those cardboard floor scratchers like Kailey has too!

Sorry I misunderstood about the dry food. That's about how much wet alot of cats who eat dry also will eat.

It must be a handful trying to get all the dogs to get along with her, and I bet she can certainly make them scared of her! It makes me giggle to imagine it.
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