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Rant, be prepared!

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Okay. I am a nanny. The family I work for lives in a very VERY small apartment.
They have one cat, named Kitty.

The other day, the father came home with, of all things, a puppy.
Keep in mind I am here with the child 12-13 hours a day, 6 days a week.

This pup is adorable, but heres the thing.

He is huge. His background is husky, german shepard, pit bull, among other things. A mutt, yes. A HUGE mutt.

Already he is nearly the size of their almost-3 year old son.
So, they expect to care, wait. For ME to care for, this giant dog in this tiny house. I have my hands full enough trying to keep my life in order, while keeping track of their son. Now, I have to constantly moniter this chewing, peeing puppy. They have no back yard, but he is paper trained. Which means a lot of clean up for me.
He and Kitty have already scrapped. a scratched nose didn't phase him. He yelped, and went back to barking at the poor terrified and confused cat.

So, I apologise for the rant, but... I needed to vent.

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Tactfully tell them how much more work the doggie is and ask for a raise.
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Yeah, somehow I doubt they would take that kindly

I am mostly worried about the poor guy, when he gets big. I am serious about the small size of the apartment.

But yeah, he is a LOT of work, and I didn't get any notice about getting him.
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It is their house and they can choose what they want. But I might tell them how much more work this is causing you; your concerns about the dog with the young child.

If they don't respond positively, you might want to start searching for another place to work and give them notice.
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I agree with Godiva. Is taking care of the pets in your job description??? If not, it's time for a raise!
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Plus, you guys don't know this puppy well yet and I am guessing he isn't trained much right? Other then paper trained? If the dog were to do something to the kid would you be at all responsible for "not watching the kid" or "not controlling the dog" or something?? I don't know, just thinking about possibilities.
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Thanks so much for the support, everyone. Maybe I will ask for that raise...hehehe.
No, pet care is NOT in my job description.
As for your reply, GoldenKitty... I know it is their house, and they have every right to a pet.
I am just looking out for the well being of the animal. I mean, the apartment can't even have more than 3 people in it without feeling cramped, let alone people plus a dog that already weighs in at over 20 pounds.There is no yard, or park, or anything nearby. Well, there is a park a few blocks away...but in the cold Canadian winter, I am going to have to walk the dog, plus the toddler, in negative 20 or below weather! That isn't good for morale. *Pretends she is a large company*

This just wasn't well thought out.
Thats my piece
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Do they own or rent? Are they allowed to have the dog? Maybe an anonymous call to the landlord would take care of it. Devious, I know, what can I tell ya?
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oooh, sneaky!

Its too bad that the landlord allows pets of any kind. The previous tenant had two boas, 5 lizards, and about 10 rodent-type pets.
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Wow Jessix.. That stinks. Sorry, but they sound like pretty irresponsible people to me. I have a big problem with people getting pets that they can't take care of. It's unfair to bring a puppy (a large breed mix, no less) into a tiny home and apparantly not be able to spend the time with it that it needs. They're already away from their own child 6 days a week 13 hours a day (did I read that right?) !?!? I'll generalize, too, and say that these are the same type of people that get bummed when puppies grow up and aren't all cute and fuzzy anymore and end up dumping them at the pound or worse. Yes, people can do anythng they want, can't they? Do they even intend to bring the puppy for training? Oh, and that poor cat... I foresee "inappropriate peeing" problems stemming from this living situation (I've had the misfortune of living through a similiar situation). Don't get me started!

Anyway, none of that matters to your situation. I think you're a trooper to hang in there. You definitely, at the very least, deserve a raise!! Good luck, girl.

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You should DEFINITELY ask for a raise!! It will be a lot more work and it's something you didn't sign up for. Good luck!
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Originally Posted by Jenny82
You should DEFINITELY ask for a raise!! It will be a lot more work and it's something you didn't sign up for. Good luck!
I completely agree.
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This is so unfair all the way around. Yes, you can have a large breed in an apartment or a large sprawling mansion but you need a place to work a dog like this at least 2-3 times a day! And a short walk just doesn't cut it. This dog should be getting intense play sessions and runs in the park..
It makes me so mad that people just acquire possesions like this and don't take responsibility...

If I were you, I would say "your dog needs at least 60 minutes of exercise a day and so I am going to have to add it to your bill"...

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yikes! nothing like being between stuck a rock and a hard place! how amazingly dumb and shortsighted your employers are! just another example of how any idiot can adopt a pet.
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I think maybe i would just kind of tell them that you are here to take care of kids not animals. It isnt your job to watch over the dog. They might mention a raise.
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