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Originally Posted by menagerie mama
I just found out, they call that a "dutch oven!"

who told ya this?
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Once on a band trip we stayed in a hotel. I sat up in the middle of the night and said, "I dare you to walk into the front room and see what happens!"

Another time I sleptwalk out into the living room, said, "I can see myself!" then went back to my room.
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I've gotten on the telephone and made plans to meet a friend for her birthday at a restaurant. Needless to say I basically stood her up till she called me! My Mom is the one who told me I did take the call and make the plans!
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Originally Posted by DixieDarlin256

They are such children... but I find it funny too
My DH likes to pull the blankets over my head sometimes..
I threaten him when he does it that I am going to let Reilly hack a hairball up on his pillow or in his shoe

Gah! Dutch ovening. Bf does this to me all the time and giggles while I lay there gagging. Those things HAVE to be at least semi-poisonous.
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My dad feel asleep with his eyes open one time and told my mom and I that he was going on a pinic on his harley. The food was in the saddle bags and then he went back to sleep. :/
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I talk in my sleep almost every night..Apparently a favorite of mine is yelling at my mom in my sleep
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These are so funny! The craziest thing that I remember somebody saying in their sleep happened back when I was 14. A friend stayed overnight, and screamed, "My sister loves to bake cookies! God bless us all!" in the middle of the night. She woke up my whole family.
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The only thing I ever remember about talking in my sleep was several years ago on Halloween, I was up late, so I went and laid down in bed, and mom told me the next morning that I slept-walked into the living room and said "I don't remember what color it was.." and then I walked back to my room and got back into bed..
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