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Really need help please!

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I really need some advice here. I am at my end. My 2 yr old cat had a blockage 1 month ago. After 1 1/2 weeks of catherization and then blocking up, the vet opted for the surgery. I cannot even remember the name of it now, but they opened up his urethra. He's been back and forth to the vet for really really bad infections since.
Last time was 7/4... where we then have to give 2 shots of antiobiotics a day and sub q 3 x's a week to flush him out. He stopped eating on wednesday as well. This morning his eyes were crossed. The antibiotics state that they are for dog use only, it's called bactril, i mentioned more than a few times to the vet about this and both doctors agree that that is fine.
ANYHOW, brought him in this a.m. and vet now says he has fatty liver disease. It is reversible, but they have to give him a feeding tube.

I just went through this with my cat not 2 1/2 years ago, he was 17 with kidney failure, and I just feel that everything is ripped out of me again.

Anyhow, the doc says that the decision is mine, if he was older he would suggest to put him down, but being he is only 2, he gives him a 50/50 chance.
PLEASE HELP ME... i have no idea what the heck to do...i feel so bad for him.
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Cats can survive this disease but it is a long haul and it is true he may not survive. You will have to make this decision. Was the antibiotic he was on Baytril? My cat was given this for an infection and it is safe and effective. One very effective thing you can do for urinary problems is to get a cat on a 100 percent wet diet. For now the hard thing will be to get your cat at some point eating normally again. For now the feeding tube will take care of it. I have been through trying to get a cat to eat again several times with a cat that has reoccuring digestive problems. When a cat isn't eating this liver problem is always a possibility.
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Well, having gone thru this once already, you know what fatty liver disease entails. The fact that your kitty is only 2 is a big plus. This is obviously a decision only you can make, as you know how much commitment is involved. I don't know about other people, but I think you would almost have to feel differently about nursing an older cat with kidney failure as opposed to a young cat who, I assume, is fairly healthy (other than the blockage and ensuing infections). I don't think I said that very well; I'm trying to say a 2 y/o cat just has more of a chance of recovery than a 17 y/o with kidney failure.

If it was my cat, I'd go all out for him. Not pushing you to decide one way or the other, just stating my opinion. I also have to say this--if you decide to nurse him along, don't slack up on his care even a little bit.
I feel terrible that you have this choice to make. Keeping you & your sweet boy in my prayers.
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I have read a few articles on HL, and from what I have read, there is a 70% chance of survival, so I would go for it regardless of age, and the fact he is only 2 is all the more reason to do so. It can take months though, and will be incredibly hard work. And then when that is over, you will have to work on his urinary probs, none to little dry food, and maybe meds (my foster has a 90% wet diet and meds to strengthen his bladder lining, and his is only stress related cystitis that has never been life threatening). Good luck, and you might want to do some research on HL, there are lots of articles, one on here in fact, written by Hissy that is incredibly good.
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Thanks everyone...
My vet actually stopped charging us.. thank god. They really want to see him pull through this. I just feel so god awful bad for him. He was pretty healthy before all of this, a little on the heavy side though. And such a lovable personality...
I know it's going to be work, I have read up on it as well. Going after work to talk to the doc and get it all out on the line, my little guy will probably be at the hospital over the weekend. They are force feeding him now, so they didn't give him the feeding tube yet, the vet is waiting for the blood work to come back.
has anyone on the site ever heard of more problems with orange kittys? I read that somewhere on the forum...
Please keep us in your prayers!
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What a horrible ordeal you and your kitty have been though. Sending many healing prayers
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I am so sorry for you and your kitty. I have no advice, but lots of prayers and good wishes. Please keep us posted.
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I don't think any color or breed of cat is more susceptible to this. A cat that is overweight is more prone to it.
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